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State Government Economic Stimulus Packages

In addition to the Australian Government’s two stimulus packages announced to address the impacts of COVID-19 on the Australian economy, the states and territories are separately providing business support to assist reduce costs and maintain employment in coming months.

ACT Government Stimulus Package

The ACT Government has provided a range of support measures for businesses and households in their economic support package. The measures include assistance with property rates, household bills, funding for capital works projects, payroll relief and support for landlords and tenants. Read more


NSW Government Stimulus Package

The NSW Government announced a number of support measures to assist NSW businesses in responding to COVID-19. Measures include assistance with payroll tax, waiving of various government fees and charges, changes to planning and building requirements, and arrangements for landlords and tenants.

The package has two components – $700 million in support for the health system and $1.6 billion in support for jobs and small business. Read more


NT Government Stimulus Package


The NT Government announced a $65 million Jobs Rescue and Recovery Package to help stimulate the economy and keep Territorian in jobs. The measures include changes for payroll tax, support for workers, incentives for home renovations and grants for businesses, along with support for landlords and tenants. Read more


QLD Government Stimulus Package


The Queensland Government has provided businesses with access to a range of assistance through their COVID 19 economic relief package. The package includes business assistance for payroll tax, land tax, assistance for households with utility bills, along with support measures for commercial landlords and tenants. Read more


SA Government Stimulus Package


The South Australian Government has announced two waves of stimulus assistance to date with $1 billion committed to the Jobs Rescue Package. The Package includes payroll and land tax relief and funding for public housing, combined with direct assistance for household expenses. The national approach for commercial landlords and tenants has also been adopted. Read more


TAS Government Stimulus Package


HIA has been working closely with the Tasmanian Government to provide assistance to the residential construction industry through its economic support packages. As a result of this construction businesses have been able to access a range of measures that support apprentices, reduce the cost of running a business and stimulate housing activity. Read more


VIC Government Stimulus Package


The Victorian Government has announced a range of business assistance measures, including payroll tax relief, land tax relief, relief for commercial landlords and tenants, and other support measures to assist businesses manage their financial arrangements during COVID-19. Read more


WA Government Stimulus Package


The West Australian Government has now announced a $1 billion economic and health relief package to support WA businesses, households and community groups, and to boost the response by health and frontline services to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The measures include assistance for payroll tax, waiving of fees and charges and assistance for households, along with arrangements for landlords and tenants. Special assistance has also been provided for apprentices. Read more