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HIA Charitable Foundation Charity Auction

This year at the National Housing Awards we helped raise money for the HIA Charitable Foundation.

The evening hosted both a silent and live auction with items for offer from art to overseas holidays and bottles of Grange wine. The silent auction included extremely popular trips to Phuket and weekends away in the Hunter Valley.

The evening raised just over $20,000 for the Foundation. Thank you to everyone who supported the auctions on the evening.

Special thanks to:

  • Shazia Imran - our in house Website Manager, an incredible artistic talent generously donated one of her paintings which was a hotly contested item.

    New York

  • Surfers Paradise Starshot Photographics

State supporters:

New South Wales

  • Joe Mercieca
  • Mark Monk
  • Bill McDonald
  • Craig Spratling
  • Chris O'Brien
  • David Mackander
  • Todd Symons
  • Adam Strong


  • Randall Morrison
  • Hugh Bridle
  • Simon Norris
  • Steve Heisig
  • Daniel Chapman
  • Scott Howard
  • Warwick Temby

Western Australia

  • Talbot Le Page
  • Ron Dwyer

Australian Capital Territory

  • Heidi McCoullough


  • Peter Webb
  • Steve Bright

HIACF Auctions at Regional Housing Award Dinners

State supporters:

Housing Award dinners across Australia hosted auctions to help raise money for the HIA Charitable Foundation.

The auctions were generously supported by attendees raising more than $100,000 for the Foundation. Popular auction items were the Bali, Phuket and Tuscan holidays, artwork and memorabilia.

Attendees at the Victorian Awards night were also dazzled by the artistic skills of speed painter Brad Blaze, who then auctioned off his paintings for an incredible $11,500.

Charity Auction

Charity Auction

In addition to the silent auction, the ACT also hosted a live auction consisting of mint condition Australian, UK and USA note sets, interstate and overseas accommodation, artwork by Lionel Lindsay and sports memorabilia.

Thank you to everyone who supported the auctions at these events.

Australian Capital Territory

  • Jeff Hourn
  • Neil Harlock
  • Antony Arena
  • David Dawes
  • Goran
  • Ivan Juric
  • Livi Krevatin
  • Paul Hopper
  • Malcolm Kelly
  • Xavier Duffy
  • Iain Whyley
  • Beth Harley
  • Ian Buchanan
  • Darren Goodwin
  • Louise Ada
  • Amanda Kiley
  • Chris Harley
  • Beth Harley
  • George Borg
  • Rick Maier


  • Julie & Surendra Kulkarni
  • Margo Mason
  • Bob Antic
  • Anthony Fiteni
  • Marus Arbel


  • Tony Ross
  • M Dulce
  • Ash Baldersan
  • Edward Cambell


  • Gavin Wheeler
  • Dean Powell
  • Ann Sanker
  • Graeme Bolton


  • Oliver Gas
  • Debbie Gilbert
  • Laurie Anderson
  • Steven Graves
  • Troy Jones
  • Rose & Vince Pulitano
  • Ian Tragardh
  • Construction by Law

South Australia

  • Alan Sheppard
  • Stan Parker
  • Mark Lees
  • Steve Weightman
  • Graham Sharley
  • Mark Partridge
  • Brian Murphy
  • Jamie Golley-Bogaerts
  • Mark Hand


  • Chris Sindermann
  • David Hughes
  • Emanuel Vella
  • Kemmis Moira
  • Tina Blayden
  • Darren Schieb

New South Wales

  • Graham Keys
  • Benjamin Peat
  • Pam Clifford
  • Kiley Grundy
  • Steve Malesev
  • Caroline Wyhamp

Western Australia

  • Ian McCallum
  • James Wheatley
  • Jon Fisher
  • Cameron McMurtle
  • Shelley Frigo
  • Robert Agostino
  • Walter Lukie
  • Peter Karageorge
  • Crystal O’Brien
  • Ryan Northover
  • Cara Ford
  • Troy Felt
  • Domenic Nardelli
  • Phillip Theunissen


  • Kathy Cowley
  • Richard Selby
  • John Cowley
  • Ben White
  • Jacinta Cooper

Northern Territory

  • Shelley Wigg
  • John Kalkitis