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The Charitable Foundation was formed in 2012, and is dedicated to having a positive impact on the lives of people in our industry.

As an industry foundation we focused our energies on issues directly relevant to our members. We have funded research into asbestos related disease with NCARD, and due to our funding the research progressed and has since received national funding.

Funding and administrative support has been extended to the Victorian Homeless Foundation, through long term association with the HIA Victoria branch.

From 2015, the HIA Charitable Foundation has focused our resources to addressing mental illness within our industry. The HIA Charitable Foundation is making mental health awareness our priority. We have partnered with beyondblue to raise the profile of the problem and start people talking. The funds that the HIA Charitable Foundation raises are being invested in a National Suicide Prevention program. Collectively our funds will benefit our collegues and families within our industry and the wider community.