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Thank you for deciding to fundraise for the HIA Charitable Foundation.

While fundraising for a great cause can be very enjoyable and satisfying, there is a need for mutual responsibility when communicating with the Foundation supporters. There are also a plethora of laws, Federal State and Territory, governing fundraising of which you should be aware.

To assist you, the following document will cover Fundraising Guidelines for the Foundation. It is imperative you read the guidelines in full before you proceed with your activity.

The guidelines outline very important factors to include in your planning, that will save you time and aid your understanding. The Fundraising Registration Form provides the basis for the Foundation’s approval process, so please complete with as much detail as possible and return to the Foundation. Upon signing the Fundraising Registration Form, you agree to abide by all terms and conditions as outlined in the following guidelines as the registered fundraiser.

On approval of the Fundraising Registration Form, we will notify you of your fundraising registration number, a letter of authority to fundraise, payment details and other relevant information. This constitutes an agreement, whereby the terms and conditions outlined in this document will be binding for the HIA Charitable Foundation and you.

Until you have received formal approval and a registration number, you are not authorised to fundraise on behalf of the HIA Charitable Foundation.

Please read and complete the attached documents carefully.

If you have any further questions please contact the Foundation via email

Thank you for your support,

The HIA Charitable Foundation team

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