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  • Building a new home

    Choosing to build a home rather than purchase an existing home, holds many benefits for the home owner. The most obvious of these is the opportunity to pre-plan and choose exactly what you need included in your home, right down to the positioning of your power points.

  • Building codes and approvals

    People rarely think about building codes and the role they play in determining how homes are built.

  • Building practices for superior quality

    In respect to new home construction you will occasionally hear comments such as 'they don't build them like they used to' or 'new homes are put together too fast'. When it comes to home construction, some people still long for the 'good old days'.

  • Permits and inspections

    From plans to on-site completion, there are a number of different people and organisations involved in checking that the construction of your home complies with local planning and building laws.