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Building a new home

Choosing to build a home rather than purchase an existing home, holds many benefits for the home owner. The most obvious of these is the opportunity to pre plan and choose exactly what you need included in your home, right down to the positioning of your power points. Some of the major benefits in building include;

First Home Buyers Incentives

As young people find it increasingly difficult to gain a foot hold in the housing market Subsidised entry into the housing market by incentives by the Government gives first home buyers a heightened ability to afford their first home.

Design Flexibility

There are many great off the plan homes that can built, but still giving you the chance to put your touches to the home, by choosing the colour scheme, fixtures and fittings. A huge benefit is being able to decide exactly where you want the power points to be positioned. If an off the plan design is not for you, custom designs can be worked through with a designer to suit your lifestyle and budget, putting you in control of exactly how your home is built.


As technology progresses at startling rates, you can ensure that the latest mod cons are built into your home. Smart wiring, the latest water and energy saving products as well as home automation.

Home safety

The safety of new homes also improves each year, new laws introduced have made it is mandatory for all newly built homes to have smoke alarms hard wired into the home. This provides a more reliable source of power than battery powered alarms. Fire retardant materials are also used in new housing to help stop the spread of fire to neighbouring properties. There are also strict regulations on window heights (to prevent accidental falls). Building security is also important deadlocks should be fitted on doors and locks on windows. A security system can also be wired in at the time of construction

Running Costs

With all the new building methods and products being used in new housing, the operational costs compared to older homes are increased. Water saving, energy efficient lighting, use of solar positioning to help cool in summer and warm in winter all contribute to lowering your bills.

Warranty Insurance

One of the great advantages of buying a brand new home is a warranty. Purchasing a home is a significant investment, and you want to make sure it is well protected. Builders are required to be registered or licensed and to provide warranty for a period set down by government, providing peace of mind and insurance against any major failures.

New Estates

New developments are master planned to provide a balance between private and public areas, with many boasting great recreational areas for families.


New technologies in materials, paints and fittings means less time and money is spent on maintenance and more time on living and spending time with your family and friends.

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