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Features and finishes

Today’s new homes set high standards for value, character and individuality. A brand new home comes complete with a full range of quality features and finishes. Professional new home builders also offer home buyers a wide range of options and upgrades – it is easier than ever to personalise your home and get exactly what you want, right from the very beginning.


Windows are one of the most distinguishing features of a brand new home. Large windows bathe your home in light. Bold designs add character, and finishing details complement your decor inside and out. And thanks to recent advances in window technology, the beauty of today’s windows goes hand-in-hand with energy efficiency, low maintenance and homeowner comfort.

Floor coverings

Today’s floor coverings offer more than a neutral background for your interior decor; they are an integral part of the character of your home. New home builders often combine different types of flooring in creative ways, matching them to the style and intended use of each room or area, as well as to your budget.

Ceiling treatments

Today’s ceilings are designed to draw attention – consider exposed timber beams, fenestration, plaster and cornice detailed work, bulkheads and sloped or cathedral ceilings.


With kitchens being key to home buyer decisions, new home builders pay careful attention to the details. Cabinets set the tone, from the traditional look of wood to modern shiny and colourful, complemented by attractive counter tops, from laminates to granite. Sinks come in a myriad of configurations, materials and colours. Tapware ranges from contemporary practical and vintage ornate to futuristic sleek. Ample and innovative shelving, drawing, bins and pull-out pantries make storage easy and convenient.


Bathrooms run the gamut, from functional family areas to luxurious adult retreats. The selection of fixtures is stunning – well designed, compact where needed or large and luxurious where space permits. New homes offer lots of built-in storage, counter space and above all, room to move – an important feature for today’s busy families.


One of the last finishing touches in your new home is moulding which ties it all together. There is a great variety of window and door trims, skirting boards and ceiling cornices available. Visit a display home to see how different styles, sizes and profiles can affect the overall look of a home.


Lighting is an integral part of the comfort of a home, whether for work, relaxation or to create different atmospheres and moods. Proper lighting is also vital to ensure your safety when moving around in the house or outside. Professional builders recognise the importance of well designed lighting and often team up with suppliers in order to offer their customers the best possible options and expert assistance.

Landscaping and outdoor living

With today’s new homes, the attractiveness and ‘liveability’ of outdoor spaces is increasing. Landscaping complements the surrounding natural environment. Add to the year around use of your home by incorporating outdoor living areas which are sheltered from the sun and create a transition from the inside to the outside. Walkways and driveways can enhance the appeal of individual homes; while decks, patios and gazebos extend your living space.

Smart wiring

A growing number of builders are looking at incorporating security systems, home entertainment and telecommunication in their homes. Most builders include basic telephone and cable pre-wiring in their standard specs. Some offer a ‘home automation’ package that lets you add a wealth of functions now and in the future, from front door surveillance to remote temperature control.

Other features

There are many other features and options to consider when you are looking at building a new home, from in-floor radiant heating to the latest in kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Professional new home builders and their sales staff work closely with their customers to explore what’s available and to help them make the choices that are the right for the customers’ budget and lifestyle.

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