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GreenSmart homes

Why not consider a HIA GreenSmart professional to help you with these ideas. HIA GreenSmart homes choose to voluntarily go beyond current building regulations for energy and water efficiency, along with looking at the way the home is built to make sure the impact on the environment is reduced.

  • Only HIA members can be registered as HIA GreenSmart professionals. They may be building designers, builders, contractors or suppliers of environmentally responsible building products. HIA GreenSmart professionals have completed training on sustainable building practices.
  • HIA GreenSmart training is based on the Your Home Technical Manual, published by the Australian Government. The manual covers a huge range of options and provides a wealth of information to help you find out more about environmentally responsible housing.
  • The HIA GreenSmart house requirements have been developed over the last seven years, and are an evolving set of ideas that homeowners can choose to incorporate into their new home design.
  • Working with your HIA GreenSmart professional, you can choose the best options to meet your needs and the block you’ve selected. Not everything may be right for your situation or your budget. You might want to focus on energy or water, rather than upgrading all aspects of the home. 

Homes that make the most of HIA GreenSmart principles can be great to live in – comfortable all year round, quiet and draught-free, reducing energy and water bills. They are good for the environment, reducing pollution and making better use of natural resources.

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