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Steps to building a new home

The building process can be a complex and frustrating process. This need not be the case if you familiarise yourself with the steps to building a new home.

before building

Before you start looking

Do some groundwork before you start house hunting.

deciding your new home

Deciding on your home

It’s good to know what your immediate needs are from your home as well as further down the track. Consider your building plan, landscaping and community when choosing your home.


Exploring your options

The key to successful home hunting is to take your time.

found new home

Once you have found your new home

When you have found the home you want, and you are confident that you are dealing with a professional builder, you can ask the builder to write up a building contract.


Getting settled

So, you’ve finished the building process and have settled in. What next? How do you maintain this fresh beautiful new home? Discover how to keep your new home in tip-top condition.


Inspecting your new home

Preparing to move in is an exciting time, but ensuring you complete the necessary inspections is even more crucial as you near the end of the building process. Use these tips to help complete the final inspection.


The contract

Writing, reviewing, and keeping records may seem like obvious steps to building a new home but understanding both you and your builder’s obligations can sometimes be confusing. In this section discover how to work with your builder to make the terms of the contract crystal clear.

building options

Typical new home building options

Building a new home is a big decision and an important investment. There is a lot to think about. You want to buy with confidence, enjoy the experience and know that you have made the best decision for you and your family.


Additional costs of buying a new home

Having a good idea of what your new home is likely to cost and working out an achievable budget are essential steps in the process of building a new home.