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Who's who in renovation

  • HIA builders can help with a wide range of renovations. HIA builders work with you to turn your ideas into reality and they can coordinate all aspects of your project – permits, materials, trade contractors, supervision and inspections. In other words, an HIA builder puts it all together for you.
  • HIA Kitchen and Bathroom members are professional builder/designers and cabinetmakers who specialise in kitchen and bathroom renovations. They have a wealth of experience and can help you design and build your dream kitchen or bathroom.
  • Trade contractors such as plumbers, electricians, roofers or tillers offer highly specialised services. Trade contractors work closely with professional builders, who include them as part of their team as required in each project. Homeowners can also hire them directly when, for instance, you only want to replace your roofing or install a new hot water system.
  • Kitchen and bathroom retailers. Due to the tremendous popularity of kitchen and bathroom renovations, many manufacturers have set up storefront outlets or showrooms where homeowners can enjoy a first-hand look at product offerings such as cabinets, counters and fixtures. Renovation builders often work closely with these retailers to provide integrated customer service.
  • Designers. If your builder does not provide design services, you can engage a designer to assist you with plans and to prepare working drawings and specifications. Choose someone who is familiar with the special demands of renovations. Ideally, plans should be developed with input from the builder who will be doing the work.
  • HIA GreenSmart professionals. When renovating, it’s a good idea to consider the energy and water use of your home and opportunities to make savings for the environment and your bills. HIA GreenSmart professionals can advise you about options to include in your renovation ranging for the right toilet suite, to the way your home uses energy.

The federal government also offers a Home Sustainability Assessment Program where you can get a report on the options to make your home more sustainable.

There are also a range of government rebates available from time to time to help you pay for some of these changes.

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