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Hiring the right builder

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  • Deciding who to hire

    Once you have interviewed builders, checked their references and received written price quotes from those you are interested in hiring, it's time to decide who will be doing your job.

  • Estimations

    A builder's estimation can be legally binding quotation if it is in writing and is based on a detailed description of the work to be done and the materials to be used.

  • Finding a builder

    Finding the right builder for your renovation project is key to getting the results you want. The sooner you get someone involved, the more you can benefit from their knowledge and expertise.

  • Obtaining quotations

    Price is a critical aspect of your renovation project. What will it cost to do the job you want? Alternatively, how far can you go on a set budget?

  • Ten good reasons for hiring a professional builder

    Renovating your home should be a positive experience. You should have full confidence in your builder and know that you are getting the best value for money.

  • What if I want to do the work myself

    For many homeowners, do-it-yourself home renovation and repair projects are a source of considerable enjoyment and pride.

  • What is a professional builder

    Hiring a professional builder is your best assurance that you will get the results you want and the best value for money.

  • What to look for in a builder

    As you collect names of suitable builders, you need to think about how you will judge the builders you choose to interview.