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Finishing products and materials

  • Exterior cladding. Planning to resurface your entire home or blend in an addition? Plywood cladding can be used for decorative and bracing purposes, it comes in a wide range of colours and textures and is treated to provide long-term protection. Fibre cement cladding is highly resistant to moisture and durable. It is also low maintenance and is easy to install. Bricks are one of the oldest construction materials and they are still used widely in construction. New style bricks are available in a variety of colours and textures for that modern look. To match existing brickwork, older styles can be found which will maintain the integrity and original appearance of your home.

  • Self-cleaning windows. Sounds like a dream come true? This new invention is designed to eliminate dirty panes and risky cleaning of hard-to-reach windows. A special coating reacts with ultra-violet rays from natural daylight to break down dirt; as rain or water runs off, it takes the dirt with it, leaving no streaks or drying spots. The coating lasts the lifetime of the glass.

  • Pre-finished flooring. With factory finishing, you can enjoy the advantages of hardwood flooring without having to live with the inconvenience of sanding, sealing and coating right in your home.

  • Floating flooring. Made of fibre board and laminates, this versatile and durable flooring may be glued or ‘clicked’ together and ‘floats’ on top of the sub-floor, not anchored to it-an advantage in areas of high moisture and low ventilation, for instance, where variations in humidity levels can cause wood to alternately swell and shrink. It comes in different looks and colours.

  • Plasterboard. Drywall plaster systems are not only convenient and easy to install but still give the look and feel of old-fashioned walls and ceilings. Plasterboard can be finished in many different styles and textures, and it’s perfect for period houses when matching original plaster.

  • Plaster mouldings. Pre-fabricated cornice mouldings add elegance to any room at a reasonable cost. They are easy to install and eliminate the need to finish joints where a wall and ceiling meet.

  • Automatic dustpan inlets. Connected to a whole-house vacuum system, dustpan inlets are most often used in kitchens or entranceways for quick clean-ups. They are installed in the kickboard of a cabinet and activated with a toe switch.

  • Storage. The kickboard under the kitchen cabinet can provide convenient, space-saving storage for a fold-up stepstool.

  • Keyless entry systems. A keyless entry system can eliminate awkward fumbling with keys at the door or getting locked out of your home. Systems range from remote control units to programmable keypads. They can be battery operated or hardwired. Some are designed to replace existing deadbolts with little or no modification to your door.  

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