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New products for your renovation

In addition to the many well-known traditional products, there is a steady stream of new building products being introduced, as manufacturers seek to meet ever growing consumer and industry demand for choice, low maintenance, durability, easy installation and general comfort and safety.

Here is a brief look at a few products that have recently come onto the market or become more commonplace in home renovations. For detailed information about these and many other options, talk to an HIA builder and a range of building material suppliers.

Construction products and materials

  • Engineered wood and structural steel. It’s easy to achieve today’s open look, whether you add to your home or decide on a major overhaul of your existing space. Manufactured wood products (e.g. laminated veneer lumber) and structural steel members can span large distances without support. These types of products also eliminate floor squeaks.

  • Roofing. The roof is an integral part of the appearance of your home and can further enhance the beauty of your home. The latest products in both sheet metal and roof tiles are available in a variety of profiles and colour selections. Most manufacturers produce roofing products which are suitable to be used in coastal and alpine areas.

  • Waterproof membrane. Water seepage from the outside through cracks between the old foundation and a new addition is a common problem. A waterproof membrane on the outside of the new foundation, extended well past the corners of the old one, can eliminate this problem.

  • Floor leveling system. ‘True and square’ renovations can look out of place in a well-settled older home. Traditional cement sub-flooring follows the laws of gravity; a new cement-based compound can be worked and will dry off-level to match the lines of existing floors.

  • Infloor radiant heating. Looking to increase the comfort of your home? With heating cables embedded right into the floor, radiant heating eliminates cold floors.

  • Composite and plastic timber for your deck. When planning a new deck, you may want to check out the latest maintenance-free decking materials. Composite timber is made from wood or other organic products (e.g. sawdust or rice hulls) mixed with recycled plastics, while plastic lumber contains 100 per cent recycled plastic. Available in a range of colours, these products can usually be installed like conventional decking materials. Other no-maintenance decking options include vinyl, which comes in a range of top coverings and snap-together systems. 

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