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Product selection and installation

January 22, 2020

There are two key considerations – the quality of the products and how they are installed.


The structural components of your renovation (timber, steel, subflooring, insulation, foundation, plumbing, and so on) are most often suggested by your builder, who will discuss with you why particular choices are the most suitable for your job.

However, it is up to you, the homeowner, to choose the cladding, flooring, fixtures and a myriad of other finishing products that go into a home. After all, you know what you like and how much you are willing to spend.

Proper product selection is vital, and an HIA builder can help you make the right choices for your project and budget. They know what’s available, and which materials and products offer the best quality and value. They will make recommendations and introduce you to their suppliers.

It is important to make sure that products and materials meet the requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and any Australian Standards referenced by the BCA. These standards set criteria for safety, health and performance and are an important indication of quality.

Many builders are using and promoting products made by well-known manufacturers, from building materials to windows and tapware. One of the advantages in using brand name products is that most include a manufacturer’s warranty as well as a product that has been developed and tested before it reaches the market.


Even the best product cannot perform well, or may fail, if it is not installed properly. An air barrier installed on the wrong side of the wall assembly can lead to moisture problems. Improper support behind the plasterboard may cause nails to pop. Poor waterproofing can lead to leaks that can cause major damage down the track, and so on.

Invariably, the result of improper installation is disappointment. The renovation doesn’t look as good as it should, or things don’t work properly, resulting in the work having to be redone which is both inconvenient and costly. On top of this, incorrect installation might invalidate a manufacturer’s warranty.

When you hire a builder, make sure you choose a professional so you can be confident in the work and in the products that go into your renovation. You will also be protected by the manufacturer’s warranty. With an HIA builder, you can look forward to the final result, knowing that everything will work smoothly for years to come.