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Awed at the awards

The ever-inspiring award entrants did not disappoint at this year’s HIA–CSR Australian Housing Awards.


Kate Veteri

Coming from far and wide to experience first-hand the 2018 HIA–CSR Australian Housing Awards, HIA members united to celebrate this year’s winners. Showcasing the amazing talent and workmanship of Australian builders, the national awards presentation ends months of suspense for finalists from every region.

Each year, 22 awards are presented to HIA members for excellence in construction, design, innovation, efficiency and technology in housing, kitchens and bathrooms. Ranging from custom built homes to apartment complexes, outdoor projects, bathrooms and kitchens, the awards also recognise talent in customer service and business management through the Business Partner and Professional Builder awards. Providing winners with recognition from peers and exposure to customers in the residential building industry, the awards shine a spotlight on HIA members who are producing high-quality projects, and displaying incredible talent and workmanship.

This year, judges, attendees and sponsors alike were impressed by the meticulous work shown by both finalists and winners. Attendee Domenic Nardelli, managing director of Aquila Homes, was impressed by Construct Central Coast, the winner of the 2018 HIA–CSR Australian Home of the Year, commenting on the ‘stunning representation of quality workmanship and pride’. While Domenic was particularly fond of the home and he felt it was deserving of the industry’s highest accolade it didn’t take away from the quality of many other homes showcased on the night.

David Houston from Liberty Steel Reinforcing, sponsor of the 2018 HIA Australian Project Home, could not agree more: ‘There were a lot of really high-quality builds [on show], from bathrooms [and] kitchens to the displays,’ he says.

One such project was the winner of the HIA–CSR Australian People’s Choice Home of the Year, Gremmo Homes of NSW. Winning the vote of other HIA members and the general public on the HIA Facebook page, this category is awarded to a company that has produced a project deemed worthy of recognition by peers and customers.

A similar feeling of quality imbued the awards night itself, with David Houston commenting that it was a very well-structured event. Peter Fry from Peter Fry Agencies felt that the awards night went very smoothly.

Contributing to the success of the event was MC Dave Hughes: introducing the sponsors and entertaining the crowd, he lit up the stage once again with his presence, with many citing the comedian as a particular highlight. Peter Fry, who has attended a number of HIA award ceremonies agreed.

HIA Ambassador Scott Cam
HIA ambassador Scott Cam was a popular guest
Housing Awards
HIA members united to celebrate this year’s winners, showcasing the amazing talent and workmanship of Australian builders

‘Dave Hughes does a great job – I think he’s been a great [MC] for the past few years – he certainly knows what to do and how to do it. I think he fits in well with what we as builders and the audience look for,’ Peter explains.

Another guest that meshed well with the builders was HIA ambassador Scott Cam. Known in Australian households for his laid-back television personality, Scott Cam has always spoken highly of his apprenticeship days, talking about completing his apprenticeship at his brother’s business before starting his own company and becoming an Australian Apprenticeships Ambassador for the Australian Government.

This level of appreciation for training Australia’s next group of builders gave him the opportunity to assist with presenting the HIA Jim Brookes Australian Apprentice Award. Standing alongside Mary Brookes, wife of the late Jim Brookes, Scott presented the award to winning apprentice Simon Russell for his commitment to the residential building industry.

Following on from the entertaining and relevant contributions of Dave Hughes and Scott Cam, singer Samantha Jade wrapped up the
celebrations with a performance that had everyone out of their seats dancing. Ending the night with an energetic performance of her most popular songs, she put a spring in everyone’s step after the inspiring awards presentation.

Sharing a sense of suspense and celebration with other attendees at the national awards, Domenic Nardelli noted that the national housing awards are different to the regional awards. This, as Domenic says, is due to the excitement shared by all members and sponsors around the country.

‘Builders and designers from all over Australia [come] together to celebrate their achievements at the state level awards, with the possibility of walking away with a national award.’

Domenic went on to say he feels the main enjoyment of the night comes from ‘seeing each state rally behind each other and cheering for their local entrant wholeheartedly’.

‘At home they are competitors in the market, yet the national awards night pulls everyone together into a close-knit unit.’

The 2018 HIA–CSR Australian Housing Awards brought members together, showcasing their high-quality work and dedication to the residential building industry. Celebrating winners and finalists in an exciting new destination every year is always an event to look forward to – this year’s award night did not disappoint.

Entering HIA awards

Start thinking about which projects you will enter into next year’s awards now.

Just remember:

• projects must have been completed within the 24 months prior to close of entry date
• hi-res images of your project need to be supplied along with items such as your plans, contract details and energy rating.

Entries will open early 2019 for HIA’s regional housing and kitchen & bathroom awards, and are only open to HIA members. Major winners from the regional awards progress to the HIA–CSR Australian Housing Awards for the following year.

Visit www.hia.com.au/Awards

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