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Hinges, closures and lifts are unobtrusive, but they can be the secret behind a stunning contemporary kitchen filled with modern technology.

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As a third-generation family-owned company for 65 years, Blum operates in countries around the world with lift, hinge, box and runner systems to make cupboards, drawers and doors move quietly and easily. They continue to work on new product innovations, to keep up with the expectations of the modern home. Blum Australia is a proud HIA member, and David Noakes, director of sales and marketing, is an HIA associate.

David has been with Blum for 11 years, and feels that quality is one thing that the company always strives to maintain. ‘Quality is imperative in everything that we do, from product manufacturing, development, distribution and communication.’

Even before working for Blum, David was aware of their products.

‘I have been in the hardware industry since I was very young, having grown up in a family-owned business that was a distributor of Blum products.’

‘I enjoy working for a family business that is focused on what I believe are the priorities in business: staff, products and customers. The ability for a family business to make long-term decisions and investments makes Blum a stable and rewarding “family” to work for.’

As well as a focus on quality, Blum also takes pride in their research and innovation in furniture fittings. Blum has been observing consumers and their behaviours in kitchens around the world for over 60 years, which puts them in good stead to develop products that truly have a positive impact on the kitchen-user experience in their kitchens and homes.

The functionality and longevity of cabinetry across the home is important for homeowners, so the builders and fitters who install them are a significant customer base for Blum. The industry is catered for in various ways, David explains.

The current trend is seamless smooth surfaces and clean lines

‘Blum provides a product that can have a significant impact on the critical path of construction, as an efficient and reliable product offer that is supported with an ease of installation and support. It is also a trusted product for cabinet makers who rely on its quality and performance to last the lifetime of the furniture,’ he says.

Reliability and quality are a hallmark of the brand, but this goes hand-in-hand with continuing innovation, and understanding design trends. Every year new products are released, and this year is no different.

‘We are looking forward to sharing some great innovations in our CLIP top BLUMOTION range of hinges, in addition to some new developments for our LEGRABOX range, not to mention new products that support the trends towards thin front applications,’ David says.

The new products suit all kitchens, and the current trend for seamless smooth surfaces and clean lines. CLIP top BLUMOTION fits high-quality motion within a very small space. The motion integrates into the boss with clock-like precision. All this complex work delivers super-soft closing to cabinet doors and the range is being expanded in 2018.

Technology continues to bring change to the modern kitchen, and to customer expectations.

‘For Blum, hardware technology is bringing improved functional benefits with greater storage and more durable products,’ David says. ‘Products are designed and manufactured for the way the kitchen is used from a user’s point of view, not just a hardware manufacturer viewpoint.’

David works for Blum, but he is also a product user, who has plenty of Blum products in his own kitchen at home.

Blum - kitchen

Modern kitchens continue to be ever-smarter, and with more freedom of use to serve the everyday demands of a home

Photo courtesy Blum

‘Yes, I do, although it’s time for a refresh and we are currently undertaking a renovation that will include our kitchen and see the inclusion of all of our latest products such as LEGRABOX, SERVO-DRIVE and AVENTOS.’

The LEGRABOX cabinet profile uses the latest runner system technology from Blum that has been developed to combine sleek design with smooth running characteristics and quality of motion when the drawer is opened and closed. And for builders and construction companies, the drawer cover caps can be printed with your own name.

The AVENTOS system responds to the current desire for lift-style doors on kitchen cupboards, and allows for the clean, smooth surface finish seen in modern kitchens. The system also offers virtually tool-free assembly. Once the lift mechanism has been precisely adjusted to the weight and size of the front, the bi-fold lift will open, close and hold reliably. For builders, the range covers all design applications including bulkheads, shadow lines and cabinets direct to ceiling.

For the really high-tech kitchens, builders are specifying SERVO-DRIVE, which is Blum’s electrical opening support system. Lift systems, pull-outs and fully integrated fridge/freezers are all possible with a single touch.

Modern kitchens continue to be ever-smarter, and with more freedom of use to serve the everyday demands of a home. Consumer expectations are very high for this important functional area. Blum continues to evolve and move with the times.

‘We will continue to evolve, innovate and adapt as necessary our product range to meet market demands and requirements,’ David says.

‘And just as importantly we will still hold the same values and priorities that have served us so well in the past – as a strong, reliable and dependable partner that you can trust.’

Blum recently sponsored the HIA-Blum Design tour in Singapore with special guest designer Neale Whitaker. From July-November, look out for the HIA-Blum ‘Design & Specify’ events coming to five capital cities with keynote speaker Joe Snell – contact HIA regional event staff for details.

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