Financing your fleet

Whether you want to buy or lease, Toyota has finance options suitable for all businesses.

Having a smaller fleet doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy great business advantages. With your HIA membership and Toyota, you can choose from two fully maintained finance options designed to save you time and money, on top of your Gold Fleet discount. All you have to do is decide whether to buy or lease.

Buy with a Maintained Chattel Mortgage

A Maintained Chattel Mortgage is a commercial car loan designed to provide flexibility for businesses, while the vehicle remains an asset. Suitable for sole traders, right up to larger corporates, a Chattel Mortgage is a great fleet option.

Designed specifically for small business, you can enjoy the convenience of a hassle-free, monthly invoice. With vehicle maintenance included, plus the option to add vehicle insurance and a fuel card, you’ll have more time to focus on your business. A Chattel Mortgage also gives you a range of tax benefits, like claiming back the interest charges on your loan and the depreciation of your vehicle.

Lease with CompleteLease

Another option is a CompleteLease, a comprehensive vehicle leasing product that takes care of all your vehicle maintenance. There’s no residual risk, as the vehicle can be returned at the end of the lease term and replaced with another.

Or trade up and get a new model when you want to. Either way, no deposit is required and you choose the lease term, all at a fixed monthly price.

CompleteLease and a Maintained Chattel Mortgage both include fixed costs for vehicle maintenance, including air conditioning repairs, oil changes, and clutch and brake fluid replacement. Plus lubricants and anti-freeze, servicing, tyre replacement and vehicle registration fees, making it easier to budget and control costs.

In addition, Toyota Fleet Management (TFM) provides a range of standard fleet reports that help you manage your fleet more efficiently, taking the hassle out of admin, registration and insurance.

Boasting practical versatility and great internal space, the Kluger GX is a stylish addition to any fleet

Add extras for more convenience

You’ll also have the option of adding roadside assistance and a TFM Fuel Card that provides a discount off the pump price and the convenience of fuel bills being included in your monthly invoice. You can also add TFM’s cost-effective comprehensive motor vehicle insurance.

In the past, if you needed a car that seated more than five people, your choices were somewhat limited. Not anymore. Boasting practical versatility and great internal space, the Kluger GX is a stylish addition to any fleet.

Whether you’re transporting people or goods, you’ll appreciate the reliability, fuel economy and comfort of the Kluger GX. With seating for up to seven people, you’ll have the freedom to travel as a team. It’s just as useful for transporting goods, with a 50:50 third row seating configuration that folds flat.

Now’s the time to take advantage of your Gold Fleet Discount across the Toyota range, including the Kluger GX.

To find out more, contact your local dealership or call the Toyota Fleet Management Small Business Centre on 1300 888 870.

Toyota Kluger GX

Discounts for HIA members:

HIA members are eligible for a Gold Fleet discount on the Toyota Kluger GX.

Simply show your membership card when you purchase your new business fleet and you could save thousands.

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