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Wabnitz Homes is celebrating 30 years of service to the industry and cannot stress enough the importance family plays in the success of a business.

Photo courtesy Wabnitz Homes


Kate Veteri

Family owned and run, Wabnitz Homes for 30 years was a force to be reckoned with. Looking over the results of the business’s lifetime, it is safe to say that it outshone expectations through the love and support of family.

From the very beginning Wabnitz Homes had a focus on family – both their own and clients’ families. Building homes that left a lasting impression on clients and an award-winning home that defied Newton’s theory of gravity, the owners of Wabnitz Homes have left behind an impressive mark over the lifetime of their business. Now moving on to other things, owner and founder George Wabnitz hopes to enjoy this next chapter of his life in retirement with fond memories of the work he has achieved and the people he will remain friends with.

It all started with George and his brother Peter in 1978. Since starting their business they have been surrounded by supportive family who don’t think twice about helping out.

‘I do have family behind me, and our business involves family as well, there’s three other members in my family who work with me,’ said George before he retired.

There were many highlights over the 30 years of business with the acceptance of a HIA national award close to number one. The site of the winning home was one of the most technically challenging sites the business had ever worked on.

‘It was very challenging because it was very steep, we had problems not only with the site but we had problems with deliveries to the site, because of the steepness of the roads,’ George said.

But with a steep site comes great rewards. And the rewards came for Wabnitz Homes when it won the 2017 HIA Australian Outdoor Project award for the South Australian home.

‘Everyone that came and had a look at the site was just blown away by it, we had lots and lots of comments from everybody.’

George Wabnitz and Helen
George Wabnitz and his late wife Helen
Photo courtesy Wabnitz Homes
Wabnitz Homes
The craftsmanship of all aspects of the home helped to cement the business as one of quality
Photo courtesy Wabnitz Homes

It was easy to see why everyone, including the owners, were happy with the result. The spectacular views of the South Australian coastline and the craftsmanship of all aspects of the home helped to cement the business as one of quality.

While this winning home was one of the more complex projects George worked on in his career, it was not out of the ordinary for Wabnitz Homes to take on challenging projects. George’s son says his father was always a problem solver and over the lifetime of the business saw that ability transferred into the projects that were being built. Wabnitz Homes began taking on interesting and complex projects, leaving simple ones in the past.

George’s passion for building and excitement for each project was often embodied in the final product. The drive towards building out-of-the-ordinary projects helped make Wabnitz Homes an award-winning business.

While George loved building, spending the majority of his time working hard to ensure his business built the best possible homes, his son says his computer skills don’t come as naturally as building. When it was time for the business to start marketing online help came from his children. They provided their father with advice on the best way to market the business and the basics of how to use the computer to improve production.

‘If it wasn’t for them I don’t know how I’d cope,’ George said.

The children were also instrumental in entering Wabnitz Homes into the HIA 2017 awards. Even after winning a HIA national award Wabnitz Homes had a focus on family, with George dedicating the accolade to his late wife.

For all Wabnitz Homes has done for the residential building industry and its South Australian clients over the past 30 years, George’s son says the best part is having people recognise the name and say ‘your dad built my home’.

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