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HIA webinars are a great way to learn without leaving your home or office. These online seminars or workshops are designed to keep you up-to-date with changing technology, marketing tips, business compliance and processes, as well as construction-specific topics, all presented by leading industry experts.

If the broadcast time is convenient for you, it’s great to ‘attend’ our live webinars via your computer, tablet or smartphone. These sessions are interactive, which means you can ask the presenter questions, participate in polls and be first to hear about other upcoming webinars.

Following each live broadcast, the webinar recordings are saved on the HIA website so you can access and watch them on your computer or device, in your own time – whenever you like, wherever you are.

Your essential business topics

So far this year, we’ve held webinars on marketing, insurance and managing online reviews. In the K&B series, experts discuss trends, lighting and 3D design software. Following is a brief overview of each:

Communication skills to build trust and win clients

Business communication expert Chemène Sinson explains how to win more jobs and build client trust through great communication.

Do you find business insurance confusing?

Tamara Trotman from HIA Insurance Services clarifies insurance types and terminology, and looks at key areas of insurance for the construction industry, and your insurance requirements.

Online review management and how it could save your business

With online reviews becoming more influential than ever, social media marketing expert Paul Gilbert explains how to manage, respond to, and mitigate risk associated with negative online reviews.

Instagram 101: find out how Instagram can work for your business

Social media specialist Audrey Lee discusses how to build and maintain a successful business marketing strategy on Instagram.

Cashflow management: tips on improving and managing it

Reckon training specialist Andrea Suarez explains the basics of cash flow for small businesses.

Kitchen and bathroom design trends from Milan Design Week

K&B industry expert Melanie Gardener presents the latest designs and products at EuroCucina, FTK and Salone Bagno.

Lighting basics for kitchens and bathrooms

A lighting design how-to from Designer Training Australia which also includes technical explanations of lumens, lux and kelvin.

Impress your clients with 3D CAD drawings

Instruction from Designer Training Australia in how to use 3D software such as Sketchup to communicate design ideas to clients.


How to access HIA webinars

All of the above webinar recordings have been saved to the HIA website for easy viewing. To download any webinars you’ve missed, or to see the calendar of upcoming live webinars, visit www.hia.com.au/Publications/Webinars.
HIA members can view all live and recorded webinars for free – all you need is an active login to www.hia.com.au

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