NBN training program

Network design

Nbn is set to launch new training for designers, as well as pit and pipe installers, to streamline the review and certification process on new builds.

The newly developed nbnTM program will train designers and installers in nbn multi-technology mix (MTM) standards and guidelines, including pit and pipe designs, pit and pipe installation and multi-dwelling unit (MDU) pathway designs.

The goal is to deliver the best practice training for nbnTM access network design and construction activities in Australia, helping to fast track certification and approvals, and to ensure consistency across the industry.

Currently, approximately 50 per cent of submitted nbn access network designs across Australia require more than one corrective action – whether it’s for pit and pipe or pathway design. The nbnTM new-developments training program will further educate designers and installers in an effort to help minimise the need for any corrections, while aiming to ensure they are delivering consistent, high-quality work for every new project.

General manager of demand deployment Naomi Read says ‘there are many veteran and highly skilled practitioners working in the industry today but over the years training and specifications have changed, so we need to evolve our training programs to meet these new requirements. It’s important that those working in the industry not only have the most up-to-date skills possible but are ready for the future’.

Nbn encourages all professionals who work on nbnTM new developments to consider completing the training – this includes both single-dwelling units (SDU) and MDU:

• pit and pipe designers or developers that are competent with AutoCAD and the nbnTMguidelines
• pit and pipe installers that are competent installing in accordance with nbnTM standards
• MDU pathway designers that are competent with AutoCAD and the nbn guidelines.

To enquire whether the nbn new developments training program is right for you contact newdevstraining@nbnco.com.au

Benefits of the program

• fast-track your reviews and approvals with faster certification (practical completion certificate – PCC) for trained installers – sample review of designs*
• no fees charged by nbn for design reviews and pit and pipe inspections when using an nbnTM trained supplier
• stand out as an nbnTM trained supplier – get noticed and promote your business as a trained professional on the official nbnTM trained supplier list.

The new training launched on 6 August 2018, and all designers and installers are invited to take part.

* Self-certification and sample design review benefits are intended to come into effect as of December 2018.

NBN training program

Training modules available:

• Pit and Pipe Designs
• MDU Pathway Designs
• Pit and Pipe Installation

Costs: $500 flat fee per individual including GST, covers three-year licence and all modules.
Format: Designs courses are conducted online. Installation course is conducted online, with an in-person assessment

To register, visit www.nbn.com.au/newdevstraining or for enquiries, email newdevstraining@nbnco.com.au

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