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HIA regularly runs business and industry related webinars for HIA members, who can access recordings of previous webinars online at any time.

Today’s competitive market is saturated with capable professionals in the building industry. However, clients want more than just someone who is capable – they want someone they can trust. How you communicate with potential and current clients will help you win – or lose – that job.

Chemène Sinson specialises in personal effectiveness and communication. She runs her own consultancy business and for 18 years has helped clients plan and use communication strategies and skills needed to build trust-based relationships.

In HIA’s most recent webinar, Chemène helps members take stock of communication habits – to recognise habits that build trust and identify those that undermine it. She offers some simple strategies and techniques to:

• establish a positive rapport with prospective clients
• actively maintain trust-based relationships among clients and staff
• maintain clear and effective communication among staff
• ensure that communication between clients and staff is consistent and projects your desired company image
• manage difficult client behaviour and maintain mutually-respectful client relationships.

To access HIA’s webinars visit www.hia.com.au/webinars


Other webinars available to HIA members via the HIA website:

Business Admin

• An introduction to creating a simple spreadsheet in Excel
• The importance of human resource policies in your business
• Marketing in HR
• How to lodge your taxable payment report
• End of financial year tips
• Tips for a winning team
• Your ready reckoner for a successful trade business

Business Planning

• Personal leadership
• Planning for business success
• Would you like to feel more in control of your business?

Business Systems

• Going mobile – the tools of the trade
• Want to know the 10 most powerful tools that you need to build your business?
• Cloud accounting for the modern tradie
• Technology is here to stay! Let us help you understand it and embrace it!
• Time management
• Five systems to streamline your business
• How to save money and get more done with outsourcing
• Make time work for you, in under an hour!

Communication Skills

• Communication strategies
• Communication strategies – the next steps
• Dealing with challenging people (final session)


• Changing trends in kitchen design

Marketing Skills

• Branding in the digital age
• How to use social media to market your business
• SEO and Google Analytics
• DIY website
• Creating a marketing action plan (case study)
• Marketing online, explaining SEO, Google adwords

Plus many more!

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