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Safer and smarter

Holcim Australia is striving to give new home builders a technological and safety edge.

Holcim has been hard at work improving its range of products, customer-focused sales and marketing tools and all-round support to help builders and their contractors.

Today, Holcim is proud to offer two flagship initiatives to assist home builders in reaching their goal of building and selling quality homes at the right price and in the right amount of time, with all involved going home safely at the end of the day.

The right safety

At the 2018 HIA National Conference, Holcim Australia was proud to introduce ‘Think. Talk. Act.’ a new initiative in partnership with the HIA designed to help improve onsite safety. The goal is to promote safe onsite work practices by encouraging all parties to have focused safety conversations.

Developing a safety policy or plan is very important. ‘Think. Talk. Act.’ is based around three very simple steps that may help to reduce injuries onsite:


• Am I fully prepared to work safely on this site?
• Is the site safe for all parties?
• Is our equipment properly maintained and safe?
• Have I taken all the necessary steps to control risks?
• Have the site conditions changed due to weather and other activities?


• to representatives of all parties working onsite about safety
• about any potential hazards or risks you have seen
• over potential solutions to minimise or eliminate risk
• through anything that you think doesn't look or feel right.


• if something does not feel safe stop, think and talk before you act,
• make safe choices and develop a safe site program to follow,
• speak up – remember, the standard we walk past is the standard we accept.

Visit www.thinktalkact.info

The right smarts

Safety is critical, and so is helping home builders and their contractors with onsite planning and efficiency. Holcim’s new mobile app, Track My Order, is becoming the weapon of choice for the connected modern builder.

Track My Order allows you to see your concrete deliveries on a map in real time using GPS technology. In an instant, you will know where the concrete load is and a good idea when it will be arriving on your site. Track My Order also allows you to view the day’s orders and delivery tickets, check order confirmation status, see the total order amount against the amount delivered, plus upcoming orders for the next 14 days.

Download Track My Order from the App Store or Google Play today to spend less time on hold and more time getting the job done.

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