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Position yourself as an ideal employer and give your clients the best you can with HIA’s associates program.

Your apprentice is falling behind at TAFE and needs some extra training. Your son just got his licence and keeps taking the family car out all night. One of your senior employees is unwell but refuses to pay the full amount to see a specialist. And now, the flight to meet a new client has been delayed and you can’t find a single empty seat in the jam-packed airport.

What if there was a way to help ease all the stress this would normally cause? And what if it were free?

As an HIA member you can now multiply the value of your membership by passing on your benefits to your employees and family members. Your associates will gain access to the same great deals available to you – at no additional cost to you or them.

That means discounted training for the apprentice, a discounted car for your son, discounted health care for the senior employee, a Qantas Club membership for yourself, and whatever other perks they want to take advantage of!

Not only does this position you as an ideal employer in the marketplace, but it also lets you sleep easy at night knowing your family and employees are in good hands.

The HIA associates program gives discounts to all employees and direct family of members for a broad range of offers.

HIA's associates program

You can now multiply the value of your membership – pass on your benefits to employees and family members

Home and contents insurance

Save up to 50 per cent on combined home and contents insurance. With a competitive market offer underwritten by Auto and General, you can feel secure with great insurance cover and lots of added inclusions.

HIA health plans through Bupa

HIA Health Plan offers significant savings on members’ private health cover.

Car insurance through HIA Insurance Services

Save up to 10 per cent online and get great cover when you purchase comprehensive car insurance.

Training and events

Enable and encourage your staff to keep their skills up to date with discounts on training and events, ensuring every job your business completes is carried out by highly skilled employees.

Qantas Club membership

Enjoy exclusive membership rates to access HIA’s Qantas Club corporate scheme.

Deals through HIA Vehicles, Avis & Budget

HIA Vehicles can help members and associates find the best car and fleet deals with access to more than 250 dealerships nationwide. From finance to roadside assist, you can drive away with everything you need.

Plus, save up to 10 per cent on your Australian car and truck rentals when you book with Avis or Budget.

Starting today you can reward your employees, give your family the security it deserves, and make your business the best it can be.

You can sign up any number of family members and employees at no cost. Sign-up is quick and easy, and requires minimal details, so there’s no good reason not to share the good stuff.

Contact your local HIA office for more information.

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