Holcim Superspray

Super way to spray

Superspray™ from Holcim is the shotcrete that ‘sticks and grips’ for top-quality pools and retaining walls.

Rapid urban population growth in Australia is accelerating faster than the pace of residential building today, meaning we need to build better, bigger, faster and more efficiently. And materials, systems and tools need to be up for the challenge. Spray-applied concrete, or shotcrete, is just one example. This method not only places and compacts concrete in one smooth motion but allows concrete to be placed in areas that are hard to access with conventional placement – like pools, retaining walls and even basements.

Yet, not all shotcretes are made the same. Some brands will get the job done faster and allow other trades onto the site sooner.

To help your business keep up with the pace of construction and urban growth, Holcim has developed Superspray, a wide range of high-performance shotcrete mixes that are reliable and resilient.

Superspray shotcrete mixes are designed to offer five simple but important benefits.

Less rework: Superspray has been meticulously engineered to create a product that sticks and grips. When the Holcim product is applied correctly you’ll spend less time cleaning up and be off the site sooner.

Reduced wastage: Nobody wants to have to buy more than they need. Superspray is designed to reduce waste to assist with reducing costs.

Better quality of finish: Superspray is well-known within the industry for being easy to work with, making it easier and quicker to achieve a quality finish.

More productive labour: Superspray is designed for consistency, so your team will be able to work more productively and finish faster.

Certified product: Superspray is certified by roads authorities.

Higher performance, lower rebound

In addition to the five benefits above, Superspray has been developed with the overall optimal material gradation in mind, and incorporates specialty additives to minimise rebound and maximise adhesion. A reduction in rebound can be expected compared to conventional shotcrete mixes. As with any spray job, the amount of rebound will also depend on the substrate the mix is being sprayed onto, the spraying technique and the velocity of the spray. However, you can depend on Superspray for reduced waste and improved stick if correctly applied.

Made with leading technology

You can also rest assured that Superspray is made from the right materials. The Superspray mixes we offer to the residential segment benefit from the same technologies and mix design innovation that is used in mixes supplied to major construction and infrastructure projects. The Superspray products for builders have plenty in common with the Superspraythat was supplied to help build projects like the King Georges Road interchange, The Ville Resort and Casino in Townsville, and the Crystalbrook Riley Hotel in Cairns.

Holcim Superspray

How to purchase Superspray

Superspray is available across Australia via Holcim’s network of fixed and mobile concrete plants.

Contact your local Holcim representative on 13 11 88 or email superspray-enquiries-aush@lafargeholcim.com to discuss your specific needs or to place an order.

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