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Darley Aluminium has your next building project covered with its vast array of aluminium extrusion products, kits, and customised design and fabrication services.

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Darley Aluminium

From its humble beginnings more than two decades ago to becoming a major contender in Australia’s aluminium industry, Darley Aluminium is a family-owned and -operated business that has come leaps and bounds from its modest start.

The core of its business has been the distribution of aluminium extrusion products and associated components that are used to manufacture window and door systems, largely for residential and commercial projects.

Darley Aluminium’s chief executive officer, Nick Fazzolari, says that while the distribution of aluminium extrusion products is a big part of Darley’s history, today it is only one of its four core business activities.

‘We started in the distribution channel and have grown into residential and commercial window systems and manufacturing solutions, for example, powder-coating,’ he says. ‘We are becoming a one-stop-shop with multiple service offerings, from supplying metal, window solutions or software options, to complete manufacturing options.’

Darley Aluminium’s multifaceted business has evolved over the past 23 years, with premium local facilities and value-added services – such as packaging, machining, notching, punching and drilling – part of the high standards customers are coming to expect.

‘We now have a new aluminium guillotine and folding press machine servicing customers nationally, available through our four warehouse locations,’ Nick says.

Surface finishing, including anodising, powder-coating and woodgrain finishes, can also be applied to all aluminium extrusion products, while the business can offer in-house powdercoating as an accredited applicator of Dulux and Interpon finishes.

Darley Aluminium
‘Darley is about going the extra mile to make all our customers feel special’
Extrusion factory
‘We are becoming a one-stop-shop with multiple service offerings’

In-house design

If one of the more than 3000 aluminium extrusion products on offer isn’t what you need for your next building project, then Darley’s Mill Sales division is the place builders and fabricators can go to receive assistance with the design and manufacture of customised aluminium extrusions. You work closely with Darley’s Australian-based CAD draftsman to design a product before it is manufactured by an extruder in China.

‘Darley has a well-established, long-term relationship with its aluminium extruder,’ Nick says. ‘We are able to provide complete flexibility with regards to product designs, packaging and delivery.’ He adds that all customised products are tested according to Australian standards before they are distributed to any location in Australia, or held in any of Darley’s warehouses.

Kit and caboodle

Darley has worked on building a solid reputation for designing innovative window and door systems to suit a range of residential and commercial purposes. One of its fastest growing divisions is the manufacture and distribution of kits. This service supports businesses and contractors without the labour or tooling to fabricate a window or door system for a particular project, or for those that need a large number of window and door systems easily fabricated onsite in a short timeframe. Building professionals can order the kits online and have it delivered to the warehouse within 7-10 days. Darley operates one of the few kit manufacturing facilities in Australia, and its systems are designed to suit Australian climate conditions and exceed Australian testing standards. (See below for more details on Darley’s range of brands.)

Multi-unit housing

Darley has a solid reputation for designing innovative window and door systems to suit a range of residential and commercial purposes

Alucity Architectural product supply

Going one step further, the business also offers fabricating services through Alucity Architectural Product Supply, the licensed fabricator of Darley Aluminium window and door systems for residential and commercial applications. With fabrication based in China and its office based in Australia, Alucity works in partnership with Darley and the business’ preferred extrusion factory to manufacture finished windows and doors. Whether it’s for a small or large-scale development, Alucity can assist building professionals from the initial design stage to the provision of warranties upon the completed project.

Why choose Darley Aluminium?

According to Nick, Darley Aluminium offers something for everyone, from small-scale fabricators to large-scale businesses in the market for window and door systems to include in their multi-level apartment buildings.

‘Darley can provide the complete solution,’ he says. ‘From ordering products to liaising with R&D for technical support or speaking to us about our tooling systems and flexible tooling arrangements. Darley can take care of it all.’

The in-house R&D team is not only responsible for developing and designing Darley’s range of high-quality window and door systems, but also provides technical support to fabricators, comprehensive technical manuals and specialised product training.

Overall, the business’ mission is outward-looking, with its customers and people at the centre of what it does.

‘Darley is about going the extra mile to make all our customers feel special. We focus on building B2B relationships,’ Nick says.

The endgame, he says, is to be known as a solutions provider to industry: ‘We want to be a leader within the aluminium industry and the preferred supplier of window systems.’

With four warehouses across the country servicing the building industry, the business is well placed to offer consistency when it comes to product quality and lead times.

Visit www.darleyaluminium.com.au or contact any of the following Darley Aluminium warehouses:

Contemporary housing


KlassicView: The KlassicView range of residential windows and doors are an ideal choice for modern architectural requirements, meeting the latest design trends and performance specifications.

CityView: The CityView range of window and door systems are suitable for high-end residential and commercial developments and apartments.

ScreenGuard: The Screenguard stainless steel security mesh system is designed to provide protection without hampering views. Its patented security system technology exceeded Australian standards AS 5039 –2003 during testing.

HarbourView: HarbourView is Darley’s exterior folding door system and is a popular choice for high-rise and commercial applications.

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