Concrete credibility

Holcim has published an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for its range of ready-mix concrete range known as ViroDecs™.

Brand promotion

All builders want to build quality projects that are affordable, profitable and sustainable. Now they can with ViroDecs™, the new brand for Holcim’s range of ready-mix concretes represented by an EPD.

Holcim says ViroDecs™ are a first for ready-mix concrete in Australia, and are designed to give builders an edge when selecting their concrete supplier and specifying their mix requirements.

What are ViroDecs™

ViroDecs™ are documents that provide detailed, comparable information on the life-cycle and environmental impact of a range of normal- and special-class concrete mixes sold by Holcim. They set a clear standard for the accuracy and reliability of a product’s environmental information, including embodied carbon emissions data so you can trust in the transparency of your material choices.

Environmental advantage

The company says this initiative makes Holcim the first concrete company in Australia to provide an EPD for ready-mix Concrete registered under the Australasian EPD program in 2019. By offering an EPD on its concrete mixes, Holcim is enabling choice and transparency on the environmental impact of its products – a significant goal when you consider that concrete is the second most consumed commodity in the world behind water.

To ensure the science is robust, Holcim says ViroDecs™ are based on an International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) compliant life-cycle assessment methodology, independently verified, and it follows both relevant ISO and European (EN) standards.

In an increasingly environmentally-aware world, there has never been a better time to ensure your choice of materials is a conscious one. As one of the largest concrete suppliers in Australia, Holcim has taken the responsibility to assist its customers to build with quality, performance, profitability and the environment in mind, helping them to meet their clients’ requests more easily.

The environmental impact data contained in ViroDecs™ can be used for normal-class mixes for residential applications, such as low-rise buildings or paving and driveways; or special-class for high-strength, high-performance concrete for marine applications or off-form finishes. Holcim is supplying ready-mix concrete to a range of Green Star and ISCA rated projects today, such as Stage 1B Basement Barangaroo South, and WestConnex M4 and M5.

Help from Holcim

Holcim’s technical team are available to work with customers to develop mixes that meet both technical and sustainability requirements.
For more information on Holcim’s ViroDecs™ call 13 11 88.

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