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Businesses which specialise in the new homes sector can now feature their brands on New Homes Guide.

New Homes Guide has expanded its website to include a focus on businesses specialising in new home builds as well as renovation projects. If your business is closely aligned with the new homes sector, then New Homes Guide now offers a digital marketing opportunity for you.


‘Now more than ever, we position ourselves as a digital resource for customers that offers the widest range of information for businesses relevant to the new homes process. The business directory is part of that, and our audiences across the website, social channels and our database are here and ready to engage,’ says Ben De Jonge, communication director.


Since early 2018, New Homes Guide has developed and deployed a series of changes, all motivated by a focus on helping more businesses reach new audiences. 


Opening up the business directory for companies in the new homes sector has happened in tandem with the renovations category. New Homes Guide has also updated its content campaign packages with more flexibility for builders to reach new audiences in a wider variety of channels.


The New Homes Guide says its audiences are continuously growing, and now building companies, renovators and a range of other businesses can access more than 3000 monthly site visitors, 5600 Facebook followers, 1500 Instagram followers and 4750 eDM subscribers.


‘New Homes Guide has a large and engaged audience across various channels. Our audiences are interested and represent a large digital marketing opportunity for the companies we work with.’ 


New Homes Guide has always been committed to the new home sector. It understands the shifting markets, the evolving digital landscape and is there to help business owners benefit from that expertise.


Start building a campaign with New Homes Guide today, with marketing that’s in safe and experienced digital hands.

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