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Residential construction is a people-driven industry. While it has seen an influx of digitised workflow systems and mechanical automation over the past decade, there are humans at the heart of every decision.


Sarah O'Donovan

That’s why HIA is helping members ‘go digital’ with advice and training on industry technology that connects people, rather than superseding them. 

HIA’s TRADEPASS allows builders to access and manage all of the legal paperwork associated with hiring a contractor, including up-to-date insurance and licencing information. Accessing the right contractor information is now instant from wherever you’re working with the clever online system.

Meanwhile, construction software provides a greater degree of detail and accuracy in project management for teams of varying sizes. Relevant information, such as client communications, testing and approvals, schedules and product records, can be sent and made readily available to the relevant stakeholders so the information they need is ready before they know they need it. 

Many manufacturers and suppliers have increased their offering to include apps, online chatbots and other comprehensive online re-sources that are dedicated to answering your questions fast. This is giving builders and trades access to an unprecedented amount of product-specific information on specifications, warranties, installation, compliance and more, saving the hassle of calling, waiting on hold, or risking improper installation methods.


Improving connections between stakeholders and finding better ways to share information means less of your valuable, billable hours are wasted, so you can get back to building.
In an industry run by people for people, these digital communication channels are becoming essential for the modern professional. When builders are better positioned to connect and converse, it helps set up the whole industry for a stronger, digitally-enabled future.

HIA has joined the Australian Government’s Digital Champions project, an initiative to educate the industry on the latest technology and how to use it.

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