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Award-winning Logico Homes maintains its foundation of a paperless home building service with the help of new technology.


Kate Veteri

Taking one big step into the future, Logico Homes has proved that technology is here to help not only onsite but inside the office too. Incorporating a system of simplicity into the company’s everyday functionality has led it to becoming paperless in the home building process. Dedication to the advancement of the company through the use of a cloud-based system and waste-free lifestyle helped it win the 2018 HIA Australian Small Builder/Renovator award, partnered by Companion Systems.

Since it began in 2012, founder and managing director Joe Calarco was passionate about ensuring Logico Homes was built hand-in-hand with the power of modern technology. Previously working for a large corporation Joe saw the effects of printing all client documentation pertaining to a build.

‘We were running out of space. We had garages filled to the roof with client files, we were almost filling up a garage every three months,’ Joe says.

Joe led the company through the one-and-a-half-year process to implement a technology-based filing system. This became the motivation to start a similar system early on in his own company.

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‘[We] are pioneering and moving into areas that we haven’t worked in before'
Logico Homes team
Managing director Joe Calarco (centre) and the team from award-winning Logico Homes

As a HIA GreenSmart Professional, Joe focused on saving space and having easy-access to client files, a system that also helps the company do its part for the environment.

‘Becoming paperless is where Logico Homes helps to reduce the carbon footprint,’ Joe says.

But he admits that initially implementing a paperless system proved to be a challenge.

‘The biggest fear in humans is change. People are used to feeling documents or holding something in their hands,’ he explains.

After overcoming the initial hesitations harboured by employees Joe says that the company has thrived through improved operational efficiencies.

‘From the very start of Logico Homes I developed a cloud-based system that manages both company data and client project files. Today everyone knows where everything is filed and where to quickly find [documents].’

Continuing its paperless commitment, Logico Homes has also found a way to seamlessly unite its boutique building quality with successful client service.

As client documentation is saved on the company’s internal cloud-based system, Logico Homes also ensures that clients remain privy to all information, providing them with personalised Drop Box files. This enables Logico Homes to uphold the values of a paperless company with the added benefit of including clients in the process.

In being awarded the 2018 HIA Australian Small Builder/Renovator award, judges commented that the company’s efforts have not gone unnoticed, saying it demonstrates exceptional client service. Joe says that while the company is still developing a unique culture, client service skills come down to two key values: honesty and knowledge.

‘When clients are building a home…they are making a massive commitment. You always want to provide good news, but if there is bad news tell them straight away.’

‘Becoming paperless is where Logico Homes helps to reduce the carbon footprint’ 

Honesty functions best when applied harmoniously with knowledge. From experts in their fields to those fresh out of university, Logico Homes has employed various people who are well-equipped to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information to clients.

‘When you build trust and know what you’re talking about, [clients] refer you,’ Joe explains.

Joe has worked tirelessly to start up a company that focuses on the happiness of its clients all while incorporating technology and eco-friendly inclusions, and he says that starting your own business is no small feat and is something you should be proud of: ‘it’s like jumping off a cliff and building the plane on the way down’.

Hoping to provide advice to any builders looking at starting their own business, Joe explains that it is important to get a good grasp on your understanding of finances. He has noticed throughout his time in the residential construction industry, and as a part of the HIA NSW Planning and Environment Committee, that a lack of knowledge in this area is ‘one of the biggest problems that face small builders’.

It is important to remember, however, that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Proof can be found in Joe’s continued sense of humour about starting his own company: ‘I was going to write a book one day called “every day is a Monday”’.

This aspirational driving force helped to develop a company of success. However, this success has not led the company from its intended flight path of employing the latest and greatest technology.

Logico Homes hopes to employ the newest technology available to new home building over the next 12 months by engaging with local universities. Joe says Logico Homes hopes to sponsor student thesis projects, placing the company into the heart of the unknown. ‘[We] are pioneering and moving into areas that we haven’t worked in before, and providing a practical outlet for these students who share our passion for technology.’


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