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TV Triumph

These HIA members from Queensland have been renovating up a storm on the TV show Love It or List It.

Photo courtesy Klinge Constructions

Daniel and Luisa Klinge have always had a passion for construction and interior design, so it was no surprise to friends and family when Luisa launched her interior design business Arki Haus in 2002, and when they both launched Klinge Constructions in 2005. 

After more than a decade renovating and building stunning homes throughout Brisbane, Daniel and Luisa joined the line-up of Foxtel’s TV show Love It or List It with design guru Neale Whittaker and real estate expert Andrew Winter. 

The show helps Australian homeowners either renovate and love their existing homes or find a dream home that suits their needs. Team ‘Love It’ are responsible for creating enlightening renovations, with Daniel and Luisa playing an important role in this line-up. 

‘After winning a major housing award we were contacted by Foxtel to join the show,’ Daniel says. ‘They loved that a husband-and-wife duo were a builder and interior designer, and the experience we had already had in the industry.’

team 2
L–R: Real estate expert Andrew Winter, Daniel Klinge and Neale Whitaker.
For Luisa, the transition to on-screen interior designer was very natural. ‘I was an international fashion model for 12 years, working in TV a lot, so the progression to doing design on TV felt almost normal,’ she says.

The transition has been surprisingly easy for Daniel too, who has previously appeared on TV shows such as Australia By Design over the years. 
‘Building on TV is pretty much the same as regular building, the time frames are just much tighter. But that’s been good – it’s allowed us to streamline our business and push ourselves even further,’ he says.

Working with Neale Whitaker, Daniel is the show’s resident Queensland builder. He collaborates closely with the design team, drawing on his first-hand understanding of construction, design, budget and materials to ensure each renovation is completed to the utmost quality. Along the way he has also learnt a few things about the other side to building – interior design. 

‘[The show] has given me a much greater understanding and knowledge of interior design and the amount of work and pre-planning that goes into it, which I never fully understood and appreciated,’ Daniel says.

But the part of the show he loves is the opportunity to share what he does with a wider audience.

Love It or List It has allowed the general public to see how a renovation comes together and what can be done with certain budgets,’ Daniel says. ‘It’s also allowed new suppliers and products to be seen ahead of time and, of course, showcase what can be done with different spaces and designs.’

‘[The show] has given me a much greater understanding and knowledge of interior design and the amount of work and pre-planning that goes into it’


Daniel and Luisa Klinge (front) with design guru Neale Whitaker (rear)

On the same team, Luisa is responsible for project management, which includes design of the floorplan and interior design specification and styling. A second generation designer – who designed her first home extension at 16 for her parents – Luisa completes the finishing touches for the final reveal, while Neale appears on camera to reveal the results to homeowners.

‘My favourite part is seeing the homeowners faces (some with tears!) when they see their dream home come to life after so many years,’ Luisa says. ‘I always try to accommodate the homeowners’ ‘wish list’ while showing them a ‘want list’ they never dreamed of.’

Of course, balancing the demands of a busy business, a TV show and a family isn’t always easy, and the pair also have a five-year-old daughter. 

‘It’s difficult, but having an understanding wife and supportive family has certainly made things a little easier,’ Daniel says. ‘It’s about rolling with the punches and having a great team behind you with the same objectives and vision for the end result.’

This is true for both the Love It or List It team and the supportive crew at Klinge Constructions and Arki Haus, who employ about 20 staff between them. Daniel and Luisa place customer service, commitment, reliability, passion and quality of workmanship above all else and they’ve been careful to assemble a team who share these values with them.

From Love It or List It, this dynamic duo has learnt a lot – they’ve been able to streamline both businesses, work to tighter deadlines and really push the boundaries of design and construction. 

As this knowledge continues to trickle into their own ventures, the pair say they have no plans to leave their new TV family: ‘We hope to stay on the show as long as we can. It’s a lot of fun and the crew are fantastic – we’ve made some really great friendships,’ Daniel says.

‘We’re into the third season so we hope the show progresses for many more episodes,’ Luisa adds. ‘It’s a great format and it’s unique from other renovation shows.

'We truly love design, renovation and building; it's not just a job for us.'

You can catch Daniel, Luisa and the Love It or List It team on Foxtel's Lifestyle Channel. The show is aired every Saturday at 2.20pm.

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