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Interactive stories

When followers actively engage with your story on Instagram your content will show up in their feed sooner and more often, so give them a chance to interact!


Sarah O'Donovan

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the seemingly never-ending influx of new trends and features we see popping up on social media. But how do you decide on which ones to let pass and which ones to take on? Perhaps a way to look at it is this: any new feature that might have an impact on your visibility to followers is one you should be using, provided you have the time or resources to do so. 

One of the features we’ve recently seen, and don’t expect to fade into oblivion any time soon, is Instagram stories. Previously we featured an introductory look at Instagram stories, explaining what they are and how to use them. Now we’re taking a deeper dive into the plethora of customisation options – more specifically, those which foster interaction with followers. 

The more your followers interact with your stories, the more likely they are to see your content in their news feeds. This is because most social media platforms use an algorithm to show users the content that has been determined to be most relevant to them, rather than all content in a chronological order. If they stop interacting with your posts or stories, you risk the chance of disappearing from their feed, even if you post regularly. 

Garnering interaction from followers also provides you with an excellent opportunity for feedback, both on what your followers want to see and what your potential clients look for in a home builder. 

So how do you get followers to interact beyond simply watching a story? Simple: ask them questions! As humans, we want to feel heard, but as consumers online we’re usually given content to, well, consume. Instagram stories provides an opportunity for people to engage with brands in a number of ways, in particular through the ‘stickers’ menu. 

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The more your followers interact with your stories, the more likely they are to see your content in their news feeds

1. Ask a ‘how’ question

With this option you can ask questions such as ‘how do you rate this kitchen?’ with a sliding scale (using an emoji, such as a star) so followers can rate a photo or video. This gives you some general feedback but more importantly it increases the likelihood of your content showing up early in the news feed of anyone who has engaged with the question.

2. Ask an open question 

You can also ask an open-ended question which allows followers to give you more specific feedback. Questions might include: ‘What is your favourite area in a home? What features are a must-have in your dream home? What is the deciding factor when choosing between builders?

3. Create a poll

The poll gives followers two options to decide between when you ask them a question and tallies the results for you. The answers can be a simple yes and no or, if you are trying to determine the more popular of two options, you can edit the response options. For example, ‘What’s more important to you in building a new home?’ with answers such as ‘low upfront cost’ and ‘energy efficiency’.

4. Run an ‘ask me anything’ session

This option gives your followers a chance to submit a question to you which can then be answered publicly on your story. This is a great way to get an understanding of what clients don’t understand about the building process and answer FAQs which, in turn, can help you improve your communications in future. 

5. Quiz (multiple choice)

If you aren’t looking for specific information from followers but want to increase your engagement online or simply have some fun, put a quiz up on your story. Quizzes let you ask a multiple choice question with two to four answer options. These can be about anything, so get creative and give your followers something challenging and interesting to do while they scroll. 

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Other options

  • DM me: This feature works as a button that will take followers directly into a private message with you, where they can make enquiries.
  • Tag location: Clicking on the location you’ve tagged allows followers to see where you are and what else is being posted in the area.
  • Hashtag: Like the location, this will see your post show up under the hashtag and followers can click it to see more (think #hiamember). 

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