The joy ride

Finding your next vehicle requires research and a lot of footwork. Or does it? At HIA Vehicles, helping you into the right one is a combination of customisation and finely tuned financial solutions.


Anne-Maree Brown

Can you name the car James Bond drives in Goldfinger (1964)? Who made Herbie the ‘Love Bug’? What flashy machine drove Michael J. Fox ‘back to the future’? What did Ferris Bueller borrow for his ‘day off’, and last but not least, what little make was chased by the police in The Italian Job (2003)? How did you go? Pretty good I imagine. 

The automotive industry is one of the most powerful in the world. Cars are steeped in history, pop culture and nostalgia. Our vehicles need to be more than the biggest tool in our kit, they also need to have a personal connection to us. 

It’s no wonder the hunt for the right one is so tough, and in a cluttered, competitive landscape the journey to the big red bow so difficult.

What can start off as a fun project, can soon turn into a chore. It’s all too familiar: you see the ads, ask mates, search online and rubber neck on the road. You’ve maybe already walked the lots and showrooms, even taken away the shiny brochures and thought about ideal colours and specialty features. Then there is the decision on finance: do I spend all my capital now? Is my bank or a car dealer finance better? What about a broker? Decisions, decisions.

For most of us, it only takes place every four to five years. Whatever you want from your nameplate, it does take time to do your research and shop around, but your time is valuable and so is your cash flow. 

But what if you had the opportunity to work with a team that searched for the right solution for a variety of customers every day? 

One thing HIA Vehicles takes seriously is just how important it is to find the right customised solution for every person. It’s never a case of a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Now proudly backed by the car-find and financing power of carconnect and Stratton Finance, it all starts with the right questions from an informed and unbiased standpoint.


Auto fit and find

The right vehicle is different for everyone. Some are interested in a reliable workhorse, others need to fit a family of five. Some want to tow a boat on weekends; and for others it’s got to have that important street-cred grunt. Or maybe you’ve just admired something from afar that you’ve always aspired to own. 

By starting with your details, location and dream car (or cars), the HIA Vehicles search team know to dig deeper; that real customer satisfaction comes from zeroing in on what you need, now and in the future.

Then there are the insights a dealership will never disclose: service, reputation, reliability, planned model upgrades, and brand to brand comparisons. As opposed to a dealership, however, the HIA Vehicles team have no pressure to drive sales in a particular direction. The end game for them is all about finding the right car for you.

What also makes this process unique is the three-way transparency and trust that is formed between shopper, car consultant and dealerships. You know what it can be like walking into a busy showroom. Not being able to filter the real shopper from the tyre kicker means you may not get the real attention you deserve.

With HIA Vehicles, tenders go out immediately via a specially designed platform, and answers are received back often within hours. The Australia-wide network of dealers know that the end of the line buyer is engaged, motivated and ready to commit, and their responses are therefore quick and on point. With all the heavy lifting and footwork out of your hands, you are then accurately advised on price and availability, but more importantly, you’re advised on a solution of what the best vehicle option is for you.

And to top it off, the vehicle can be delivered directly to your door or worksite, ready for action with a full tank of fuel and genuine floor mats to match. 


Cars are steeped in history, pop culture and nostalgia 

Financial freedom in focus

But what about finance? Again it’s all about qualifying and customisation. With more than 20 lenders and countless options available, whether you are after a longer payment term, have an eye on interest rates, higher balloon or a shorter ownership plan, the HIA Vehicles team ask the right questions to get you the right solution. Our lenders have a wide range of options that give you flexibility, including early termination fees, variable loan terms and the ability to add a residual.

By maintaining the one consultant from start to finish you don’t get left alone to figure out how much you owe, or to change your details, or assess your changeover options; the team is here for you over the life of your loan. They’re online, on the phone or available in person at their national office network.

It’s also important to remember that there are more benefits to using finance than just structuring your terms – it’s also about being able to acquire equipment without having the full capital on hand. You don’t need to dig right to the bottom of your back pocket today, but by investing over a period of time you have the flexibility to spend elsewhere in the growth of your business.

With any business, it’s important to try to use experts with a niche set of experiences and knowledge. The same can be said with the HIA Vehicles finance team, who are all from an asset finance or brokerage background. Their motivation is around longevity in client to broker relationships, so you have dedicated consultants taking you through the process every step of the way. 

And what about a family car? Something for your family, not just your main workhorse? The HIA Vehicles team is there for you too. And if a trade-in is on the cards, the team will obtain three trade-in valuations for you and take the car off your hands.


From couch to the driver’s seat and beyond

As an online business, from the moment you get in touch for an online quote, everything is done from your couch. This includes the search feedback, documentation and funds transfer, meaning there is no footwork required.

The only time you leave your couch in the process is when you finally (excitedly) take delivery. So, when the time is right for you to look for a new car, save your energy for sitting on the edge of your seat watching cars on film, popcorn in hand, knowing it’s time and money well spent. Now, where did I put the remote?


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Asset finance, sourcing and other services are provided by Stratton Finance Pty Ltd ABN 63 070 636 903 (Australian Credit Licence 364340) (Stratton Finance). HIA Vehicles is a registered trading name and business name of Housing Industry Association Limited ACN 004 631 752, and Stratton Finance is licensed to use such name and other trademarks. All applications subject to its credit assessment criteria. Fees and charges are payable. Full conditions available on application. Subject to confirmation that the service is available to your address.

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In order to provide this estimate, Stratton is required to make several eligibility assumptions, including property ownership. To comply with regulations, consideration may be given for credit score and loan to value ratio (LVR), this estimate has been calculated with an LVR of 89%. This estimate is based on several assumptions outlined above and should be used for information purposes only and is not an offer of finance on particular terms. Credit fees, service fees and charges may apply. Credit to approved applicants only. A quote, details of all fees and charges may be obtained by contacting HIA Vehicles via or calling HIA Vehicles on 1300 650 776.


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