Surveys are a great way to gather information on what your clientele would like to see from your business. Social media is a great way to start the conversation and an easy platform to create surveys that will gain high traction.


Kate Veteri

Social media surveys and polls are a fast and efficient way to gain a broader and up-to-date understanding of your customers. Online surveying falls into a research category called descriptive research. This form of research provides a fast conclusive response because it deals with quantitative data (the number of responses to pre-selected questions).

Short and sweet

When creating a survey or poll it’s important to remember that most participants will answer your survey from their mobile phones – their attention spans are short, so your survey or poll needs to be the same. The best way to achieve this is by including yes or no questions, multiple choice, a measurable scale (one to 10), and closed-ended questions with a selection of answers developed by yourself. If you do include open-ended questions that require the responder to elaborate on, make it optional – people are less likely to continue completing a survey if they believe it’s taking up too much of their time.


As you may know Instagram is primarily focused on images rather than text. This means that if you intend to do a survey on Instagram you need to keep it simple with minimal text. A popular way to engage clients in surveys on Instagram is through stories. 

Instagram stories allow you to create polls that are visible for the time length of the story (24 hours). It will appear in a bar graph style and all users have to do is click on the option they prefer. 

TIP: when creating a poll use one to five words for each multiple choice answer. And keep the number of answers available to a minimum, preferably one.

Once the user has selected their preference, the bar graph will display in a percentage format, the popularity of each of the answers as per the preferences of other responders. They can only see this after responding. 





These platforms are best suited for surveys with more than two options in a multiple choice poll. 

Facebook allows you to create completely customised surveys through its Survey app available for iPhone and Android devices. Or if you would like to create a shorter poll you can create it directly from your ‘make a post’ option by selecting ‘poll’.

Twitter and LinkedIn follow a similar method to Facebook’s poll option. Select the option to make a post and the feature to create a customised poll that will appear in the list of post inclusions available. 



If you are looking to create a survey but would prefer the data to be gathered outside of the social media platforms, SurveyMonkey is a good place to start looking. It allows you to ensure your data is highly protected and stored in a universal location that you manage with admin control. 

All you need to do is to upload it to your social media accounts and create a normal post that includes a link to your survey. 

SurveyMonkey offers a variety of survey templates and sample questions to help you get started. 


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