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Utecture: Dreams made real

Planning a build can be a mixture of emotions. Even seasoned builders can find it a challenge to reduce the stress around expectations and reality. But what if you could see the finished results and make essential changes before you broke ground?


Liz Barrett

19 July 2021

As a relatively young country, Australia changed in so many ways. But as we have grown, one thing remains, the great Australian dream of homeownership. Even if it means something different these days to the post-war desire of a quarter-acre suburban block with a Hills Hoist and a barbecue, the goal itself is still held tight. 

Builders are dream makers of sorts, helping make peoples dream come true, but this can be challenging even for the most experienced builder. When preparing for your next project, big or small, ensuring that the final result will meet the expectation and translating these plans into tangible reality can feel like an uphill battle. After all, there is nothing worse than being halfway through a project and coming up against obstacles and changes that could have been rectified in the planning stage. What if there was a way you could see the fin-ished build before you broke ground? There is. Utecture, an all-in-one planning, estimation, and virtual design tool.   
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Changes to plans can be made instantly by simple clicking and dragging. Utecture automatically pulls pricing (methodology) from the cloud which has been preloaded from preferred suppliers and pricing files.   

Dream it

Visualising how their home will look at the end of the build is an obstacle for many when presented with a set of plans. But no matter if you are a small or a large-scale builder, designing and delivering dream homes has never been easier. You can bring your plans to life with Utecture. 

This dynamic tool allows you to design and present the project outcome and manage estimations, documen-tation, and construction with efficiency, accuracy, and ease. The cloud-based digital building platform gives you flexibility and control over your projects with simpler planning, reduced duplication and increased stand-ardisation across multiple builds. You can customise and monitor all your activities end-to-end and record every client interaction and documentation change in real-time - saving you time and money.
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Utecture can also provide engineering for both steel frame and timber frame residential buildings. Building codes can be applied against the design to measure conformity.
Utecture Thumb1
Building companies can pre-load all of their plans and designs into the Utecture platform enabling the 3D rendering, visualisation and pricing of changes in real-time.

See it

They say a picture speaks a thousand words – so let Utecture do the talking. Instantly create a full-size inter-active 3D digital layout of your design and allow your clients to visualise, customise and price their dream home from anywhere, day or night. 

'As a sales tool, it's fantastic,' says Scott Palmer, Utecture Sales Manager. 'Utecture dramatically cuts down the time to get a potential customer to contract as soon as possible. Customers can visualise and change plans, materials selections and different colour schemes and price those in real-time.

If the client likes a set of plans but, for example, wants a larger master bedroom, the walls can be instantly clicked and dragged, and the price change will reflect instantly. This negates the requirement for the time spent re-drafting and re-pricing changes.' 

The team at Utecture will simply upload your supplier price files, labour constants, margins and wastage 
coefficients and use them to build your personalised pricing methodology. This is then automatically applied to the front-end, so it is accurate when you or your client uses the Utecture platform. As part of the process, they also load supplier information and products, so material selections can also be updated and adjusted in real-time. When these are selected, the price and documentation update instantly – providing you with pricing in minutes. 
Utecture Thumb 5
Utecture allows 3D renders to be stripped down allowing the actual siting of framing.
Utecture Thumb 6
Utecture has a full workflow management system that can be customised for users requirements. Jobs can be tracked through the design/sales process with a range of reports available.
Builders powered by Utecture™ achieve cost savings of up to 58% and time savings of more than 65% in the sales cycle alone. -- Monash University ITG Research 1
Utecture Thumb 4
Breaches in the code are notified so changes can be made and plans adjusted accordingly.

Build it

The difference with Utecture is that it’s not just a design, visualise and price tool. The platform can actually help with building your projects. You can use it to ensure code compliance by uploading local building codes and standards. You can also apply environmental factors such as wind speeds and roof loads to plans and buildings. All the functions can be set by default for a region or customised as required.    
‘At the conclusion of the design and sales process, Utecture delivers a full schedule of materials, documentation, elevations and drawings that include 3D colour renders. Then the backend system kicks in to assist in tracking and monitoring workflow through to the final delivery of the home,’ says Scott. 

Best of all, the platform has been designed to be accessible for builders of every size. Utecture offers flexible subscription pricing plans for small teams through to large multi-site enterprises. The online cloud-based system is easy to install and comes with outstanding training and support. With the help of Utecture, you can stop dreaming and start doing. 
If you want to see your next build brought to life before your eyes, visit www.utecture.com
For more details contact Scott Palmer directly:  scott.palmer@utecture.com
Brand promotion: This article was compiled with contributions from Utecture.
1. ‘Exploratory modelling contends that Utecture can reduce direct time by 66% and costs by 58%. Indirect overheads, particularly those attributed to sales, and likely the significant staff expense, are expected to be significantly reduced.’  Utecture Industry Test Group report, ‘Future Building Industry’ – Monash University, March 2020.

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