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From good design to energy efficiency and time-saving qualities, successful products change with the times.

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A few short years ago solar energy was only about hot water and remote controls were just for the TV. These days, with solar technology in your roof tiles and wireless locking on your roller doors, your home is becoming smarter than you!

The world of building and construction is changing as we see innovation in energy-saving appliances, time-saving products like pre-cut panels and pre-cast concrete walls, and design innovations like the glass splashback and toilets with cisterns tucked away in the wall.

Home buyers have also changed. People now expect modern finishes and sleek design, even on functional elements like kitchen benches, driveways and hot-water services. Energy and water-saving features are becoming increasingly popular. And time-saving items like self-cleaning ovens and toilets will make a home stand out from the rest.

Even the roof has gone high-tech as solar technology moves into the roof tiles themselves. The solar-panel tiles just link seamlessly with non-solar tiles, which makes them easy to install.

Future-proof roof

Bristile Roofing has released a stylish range of solar and battery solutions designed to maximise the capture of solar energy and minimise living costs for homeowners.

The range encompasses solutions that allow users to capture, store, convert, and monitor usage of solar energy, increasing a building’s energy independence and bringing any home into 2018 with style.


For capturing solar energy, Bristile Roofing now offers integrated solar roof tiles as well as its traditional solar panels. Unlike ordinary solar panels which sit on top of a roof, the new integrated solar roof tiles interlink with regular roof tiles to create a seamless finish without compromising on energy intake.

These refined solar roofing products are the sleek, stylish and smart solution to harnessing the sun’s natural energy without diminishing the street appeal of a home.

Solar roof tiles are currently available in designs that integrate with Bristile’s contemporary Planum flat ceramic roof tiles and Prestige flat concrete roof tile ranges.

Bristile Roofing
Bristile Roofing now offers integrated solar roof tiles which interlink with regular roof tiles to create a seamless finish
Photo courtesy Bristile
B&D Garage Doors
Cutting-edge technology and beautiful design options with B&D
Photo courtesy B&D


Teaming up with sonnen, a leader in home battery systems installations across Europe and North America, Bristile also offer the German-made sonnen battery and integrated inverter for energy storage.

The inverter contained in the battery means consumers can change the voltage of the solar energy captured from their solar tiles and panels to suit household electronic devices, and then store surplus energy in their sonnen home battery. This industry-leading home battery also allows residents to store the excess energy they capture and use it later to reduce their energy bills – rather than selling it back to the electricity grid.


The monitoring and energy optimisation technology available with Bristile’s sonnen battery range enables users to view the system’s performance and see how the system is adapting to energy usage patterns to optimise power provision at key times of the day when it’s most needed.

This means the system is smart enough to detect ongoing patterns in the consumers’ usage and needs, and helps to increase their energy self-sufficiency according to the battery’s state of charge, the time of day, and the predicted weather.

The monitoring system can be easily accessed on a computer or portable electronic device so consumers can access real-time data showing how much power is being generated, used or sold to the electricity grid at any given time.

This ultimate combination of a Bristile solar system, an integrated battery and inverter, and a monitoring package offers users the comprehensive capabilities to capture, convert, store, use and monitor energy for the home. Reducing reliance on the grid and cutting the cost of living, the sleek panels and tiles will add endless value to any new build or renovation.

The garage door plays an important role in protecting what’s valuable to you

Safe, sound and smart

Securing precious things in the home has never been more important. Our garages can store some of the most important things we own, and yet we often compromise on garage security. And as the largest door in the home, the garage door plays an important role in protecting what’s valuable. As demand for extra protection and security grows, Australia’s B&D Garage Doors has released two new products using wireless technology to improve home security.

Firstly, B&D Auto-Lock. The lock more than doubles the force required at the lock point to lift the door from a closed position. The smart keyless technology allows you to lock your garage door every time you close it, just using your regular remote control. Auto-Lock is a standard feature on all B&D Panelift Icon garage doors.

Auto-Lock talks to your door to securely lock your garage every time it closes without you doing anything differently. Each time you click to close your door, the Auto-Lock waits until the door is fully closed then sends a bolt to lock the door.

Stay in control

On top of this B&D have the Smart Phone Control Kit. Now you can control your door while you are away from home. The kit works with your home wi-fi router to allow you to monitor and control your garage door via your smart phone while you are at work, on holidays or even from the other side of the world, as long as you have cellular connection. No more leaving the house in the morning and wondering if you closed the garage door.

These innovations from B&D can help protect precious homes. Their commitment to quality flows through everything from the convenience of automation to custom made solutions and nationwide servicing. Home to the largest range of garage door solutions in Australia, as an Australian manufacturer of doors and openers, B&D has a proud history of innovation. Their latest collection of garage doors brings together cutting-edge technology and beautiful design options, along with the proven reliability that only 60 years of experience can deliver.

It’s no surprise that many of Australia’s long-standing brands are the ones pushing the envelope in design and technology. They’ve stayed in business by committing to quality, and by trying new things as expectations change and new technologies emerge.

Caroma bathroom
Caroma Luna is a beautifully-designed bathroom collection that is both classic and relaxed
Photo courtesy GWA
Caroma bathroom
A clean, modern expression that completes any bathroom with style and quality
Photos courtesy GWA

Whole bowl clean

Caroma is one of Australia’s most trusted brands with over 75 years of serving Australians in new and innovative ways. In fact, almost every Australian has turned on, sat on, bathed in or flushed a Caroma product! Not only are Caroma products efficient and beautiful to look at, they are also a pleasure to use. They are at the forefront of local and international shifts in design, while also being at the forefront of innovation.

Caroma has been responsible for some big innovations within the bathroom space, including the globally renowned, water-saving, Dual Flush, Smartflush and most recently the ultra-hygienic Cleanflush®. By removing the rim of the bowl, there is now nowhere for germs to hide and the additional flush and controlled flow provide a powerful flush for a whole-bowl clean.

Caroma Luna is a beautifully-designed bathroom collection that is both classic and relaxed, complementing Caroma’s beautiful design and innovation. The subtle curves effortlessly flow into any contemporary bathroom design, with a clean, modern expression that completes any bathroom with style and quality. It is an ideal range for those seeking a subtle, minimalist look that will complement any home for many years to come.

Technology cleans up

Caroma recently introduced its latest Cleanflush® technology into the Luna toilet suites, making Cleanflush® affordable for a wider range of consumers. The cleverly-designed bowl combines with innovative flush and flow technology to create a cleaner clean every time.

Initially introduced as a wall-faced option, the Luna collection has now introduced a full range of toilet suites, ranging from the top-end Invisi II®, to the all-new entry-level Closed Couple Suite. All Luna wall-faced suites include Caroma’s patented Uni-Orbital® Connector, ensuring unparalleled set out flexibility. Exclusive to Caroma, the Uni-Orbital® Connector saves time and cost on installation.

Caroma’s Luna collection will also see the addition of a new range of quality accessories in the first half of 2018, along with new, water-saving WELS 4 star rated showers, which deliver upon Caroma’s promise of valuing water.

With the addition of these new accessories and showers, a complete design collection has never been more affordable.

Another essential item in a house build is the hot water heater. Clients will be looking for a functional product that saves energy and looks good too.

As well as providing plenty of nice hot water!

The subtle curves effortlessly flow into any contemporary bathroom design

Getting into hot water

Rheem Australia’s new Metro 26-litre continuous-flow hot water heater gives builders and developers a compact and energy-efficient solution.

Today’s housing designs present builders and developers with some challenges.

Both house and apartment dwellers need compact solutions and clients want energy-saving options. The 6-star Rheem Metro 26-litre continuous-flow hot water heater incorporates the latest efficiency technology into a compact unit with a modern look.

This model replaces Rheem’s 24-litre and 26-litre models, and offers greater water capacity for medium and family-sized homes. The unit meets the building requirements of all states and territories.

It’s one of the most compact 26-litre models available, and ideal for tight installations

Compact living means compact products

With increased density living on the rise, builders need products for smaller spaces. The Rheem 26-litre is 520mm high by 355mm wide and 187mm deep. It’s one of the most compact 26-litre models available, and ideal for tight installations.

The Rheem 26-litre can operate on a minimum water flow of only two litres per minute. It can also be fitted with either a standard or extended flue diverter for difficult building installations. The diverters suit either left or right-handed installation and have a fixed heat shield for added household safety.

The 50ºC temperature-limited Rheem 26 models can be adjusted up to 53ºC, for hotter water while still ensuring regulatory compliance. The unit comes with enhanced features including a digital monitor to show the set hot water temperature, and to show an error code for easy servicing should a fault occur. Its Flamesafe® overheat protection means the unit will automatically shut down if it overheats. It works with either natural gas or propane and has optional temperature controllers for convenience and safety.

Keeping builders in mind

The unit is compatible with the Rheem EZ Link®, which enables builders to link two units for up to 52 litres per minute delivery of hot water.

‘The updated neutral colour is more on trend compared with traditional models and is suited to a variety of housing styles. Plus, its compact design makes it perfect for new home builds and medium-to-high-density housing with limited space or tight access,’ says John Wilkins, Rheem Australia’s product marketing manager.

Rheem hot water heater

Rheem 26-litre key features:

• 6-star efficiency
• Sleek new design with concealed screws for a clean finish and modern designer colour
• 50ºC models available – adjustable up to 53ºC at installation
• Compatible with Rheem’s stainless steel flue diverters
• Digital OK monitor clearly displays error codes and shows your set hot water temperature when operating
• Improved hot water delivery at cold start-up
• 10-year heat exchanger warranty
• Flamesafe® overheat protection
• Rheem EZ Link® compatible, to link two units for up to 52 litre per minute delivery
• Remote temperature controllers available for convenience and added safety

® Registered trademark of Rheem Australia Pty Ltd

Save time on the build

Small lots and tight spaces can create challenges, but on the bigger jobs, speed is important. Having products that go together quickly can save builders time and hassle.

A good option to consider when building is EGGER OS’Brace® 6mm bracing panels. The panel size fits neatly to the timber frame construction used in the Australian building industry, meaning installation is quickly done. And they can be used in a wide variety of building solutions.

These panels comply with performance requirements of the Australian National Construction Code, and they have a full cross-sectional treatment against termite attack so they can be installed in all regions of Australia. The high-quality, moisture-resistant, innovative and environmentally sustainable structural panels are designed and manufactured specifically for the Australian building and construction industry.

These strong bracing panels are even environmentally friendly. The EGGER OS’Brace® and OS’Brace® H2 Blue products are made of peeled round softwood from sustainably managed forests. So by opting for these products, builders can contribute to preserving the world’s threatened tropical forests.

The panel size fits neatly to the timber frame construction used in the Australian building industry
Photo courtesy EGGER
Egger OS'Brace
The specific orientation of the strands in these panels creates a very strong board
Photo courtesy EGGER

Strength in small strands

A lot of work has gone into sourcing the wood and creating the panels. The product is a three-layered, flat-pressed panel of oriented strands. Separate strand processing for the core and surface layers, a special strand geometry and a high level of orientation of the surface strands means that structural performance is optimised, while the end product looks good.

The specific orientation of the strands in these panels creates a very strong board. The performance is actually greater than required for strength and stiffness properties between centre to centre of the joists, plus bracing solutions for up to 6kn. Due to the high middle layer compression and high moisture tolerance, these oriented strand boards can be used for different building needs.

EGGER is a family company founded in 1961, and has over 50 years of experience in researching and making wood-based materials (chipboards, OSB and MDF boards) as well as timber. In addition to panels, they offer related building products for structural applications: span-rated flooring EGGER OS’Floor™, and EGGER Ergo Board for internal wall panelling. So it is no surprise that they have worldwide customers in the furniture industry, wood and flooring retailers, as well as the DIY market.

These products are very strong and durable. They are designed for bracing strength. But they are also easy to work with. Installation and processing is quickly done, as they are simple to install, and easy to cut, staple, nail, screw and drill.

Working with these panels is so simple, you’d never know how well designed and strong they really are.


This article was compiled with contributions from Bristile Roofing, B&D, Caroma, Egger and Rheem.

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