Holcim Geostone

Setting the pace & space

Holcim Geostone™ polished concrete is an elegant and practical flooring option for internal living spaces.

Ever walked on a marble floor in bare feet? This is what a Geostone™ polished concrete floor can feel like underfoot. The cool temperature, impenetrable rigidity and smooth texture blend perfectly to create a feeling of pure luxury underfoot.

With a glossy, smooth surface that highlights the stunning colours and intricate aggregate details that come naturally with every product in the range, a Geostone™ polished floor is a feast for the eyes too. Available in a range of striking colours as diverse as Australia itself, Geostone™ from Holcim Australia is a fusion of reinforced concrete with the natural beauty of stone. From cool and contemporary to warm and welcoming, there is a Geostone™ product to suit many internal design themes.

Stunning looks and a luxurious feel tell only half the story. Internal polished concrete floors offer a range of practical benefits too. Cleaning spills and messes is simple – just wipe up and move on. Polished concrete floors need little maintenance. Geostone™ is made with reinforced concrete – a tough, durable material that stands up to the test of time – and footsteps. The polished finish is hardwearing and resistant to stains, marking and dulling.

Polished concrete floors are hypoallergenic and are inert and sealed. High thermal mass is another key advantage. Concrete’s ability to slowly store and release heat energy keeps homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter, lowering energy costs.

Holcim Geostone
Geostone™ is a fusion of reinforced concrete with the natural beauty of stone
Holcim Geostone
A glossy, smooth surface highlights the stunning colours and intricate aggregate details

Track My Order provides innovative support for builders and contractors

Track My Order is the new mobile app from Holcim Australia. It allows users to see their concrete deliveries on a map in close to real time using GPS technology. In an instant, users will know where the concrete load is and get a good sense of when it will arrive on the site. Track My Order gives the ability to view the day’s orders and delivery tickets, check order confirmation status, see the total order amount versus how much has been delivered, plus upcoming orders for the next 14 days.

Holcim Australia is also proud to offer inspirational selection centres across the country, a new website to educate, inspire and make selection easier, a suite of materials including a glossy national brochure, range sheets by region, handy hints and tips, a simple best practice guide, fan decks and sample cards.

Find out more at www.geostone.com.au, follow Geostone on Facebook and YouTube, or contact your local Holcim representative on 13 11 88.

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