2019 HIA Australian GreenSmart Home and GreenSmart Sustainable Home

This home has been awarded the top accolade in the 2019 HIA Australian GreenSmart Awards, winning the 2019 HIA Australian GreenSmart Home.

Photo courtesy Beaumont Concepts

GreenSmart Sustainable Home partnered by


2019 HIA Australian GreenSmart Home and GreenSmart Sustainable Home


Winner: Beaumont Building Design, Victoria


With its sharp contours and unexpected angles, this striking single-level family home from Beaumont Building Design located in the seaside village of Cape Peterson, is a study in eco-friendly design and finishes.

Proving sustainability and contemporary design can go hand in hand, the impressive 9.1-star rated home showcases a bold and modern exterior of contrasting black steel and warm timber cladding, while the interior exudes rustic chic thanks to its reverse red brick veneer walls – all salvaged from demolition sites. The raked ceilings add interest to the open plan living area at the same time as aiding passive solar gain and an abundance of natural light to filter indoors.

The net energy positive home has no electricity costs for a family of four, in part made possible by a 6kW solar PV system and battery energy storage. Like a series of checkerboards, the panels slope down over the windows of the kitchen and lounge room, rather than adhering to the customary rooftop location. Coupled with a 900mm eave overhang and a timber blade shading system, its positioning serves to also minimise solar absorption into the home.

Windows are strategically placed to allow for cross ventilation and natural temperature control, and include operable highlight windows in the living areas to purge hot air in the warmer months. A 10,000-litre rainwater tank, low-VOC paints and locally-sourced materials round out the range of sustainable features found in this supremely stylish build.

Winners of HIA GreenSmart Awards, which recognise the sustainable practices of residential builders, designers and manufacturers, were announced on Tuesday 10 September.




GreenSmart Sustainable Home partnered by
JH Envirtech

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