2020 HIA Australian Professional Medium Builder/Renovator

Tasmania’s Ronald Young & Co Builders took out the title of 2020 HIA Australian Medium Builder/Renovator for its demonstrated commitment to quality across its 50-year history.

Medium Builder/Reno

2020 HIA Australian Professional Medium Builder/Renovator

Winner: Ronald Young & Co Builders Tasmania

The title of 2020 HIA Australian Professional Medium Builder/Renovator was awarded to Tasmania's Ronald Young & Co Builders in recognition of its dedication to being an employer of choice.
The announcement was made during the online stream of the 2020 HIA–CSR Australian Housing Awards ceremony on 29 May. 
Ronald Young & Co Builders is committed to building quality homes and excelling at customer service. The leadership team opts to invest in its people, placing high importance on health, safety and wellbeing within the workplace, and actively encourages the education and training for all staff, including the professional development of its contractors.
The business promotes the engagement of apprentices and career pathways for women in the building industry, while its focus on continual improvement in key performance areas has led to strong growth over many decades in business.
Ronald Young & Co directly employs 16 staff members, of which 40 per cent are female, and contracts work to more than 160 tradespeople, supporting the progression of the Tasmanian building industry. 
The business values fun and friendship as much as safety and security among its stakeholders, including clients, staff and contractors, and builds approximately 50–60 homes per year. 

The HIA–CSR Australian Housing Awards are the ultimate platform to showcase the talents of the nation’s top builders and designers. The Professional Medium Builder/Renovator category, partnered by Companion Systems, acknowledges medium-sized home builders which demonstrate a commitment to customer service, business management and leadership. 



  • ACT/Southern NSW: Achieve Homes
  • Hunter: Tullipan Homes 
  • NSW: Fairmont Homes (NSW)
  • Queensland: Heisig Constructions 
  • South Australia: Kookaburra Homes
  • Victoria: Hermitage Homes 
  • Western Australia: Dale Alcock Home Improvement 

2020 HIA Australian Professional Medium Builder/Renovator

partnered by Companion Systems

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