A constructive collaboration

HIA has strengthened its collaborative relationship with its Japanese equivalent, JIBH, in what promises to be a constructive partnership to meet the housing challenges of both nations.


David Bare

Over the past few years a number of Japanese companies have made significant investments in the Australian residential construction and infrastructure sector. 

In a HOUSING article last year I made the point that with a very sluggish economy and an ageing and declining population, market growth for many Japanese businesses is necessarily offshore. 

Australia has a stable government and regulatory system, a growing population and a growing economy. 

Add to this the record infrastructure spend in NSW spearheaded in Sydney by major road and rail projects, and the construction of a second international airport, it becomes abundantly clear why investing in Australia is a logical option. 

The long-term view that Japanese companies take with their investments matches the opportunities in Australia well, and brings much needed capital and business partnerships.
We look forward to a long and fulfilling partnership between HIA and JIBH
The MOU was signed by HIA Managing Director Graham Wolfe, HIA National President Simon Norris, JIBH Chairman Ryu Yano AND JIBH Deputy Chairman Hirofumi Hama
HIA has enjoyed a strong collaboration with international bodies in the residential construction sector for many years, HIA is the current chair of the International Housing Association (IHA) and currently chairs three of the IHA working groups. 
In June this year a delegation from the Japan International Association for the Industry of Building and Housing (JIBH) visited Sydney and met with HIA Board members and management. 
This meeting culminated in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two associations to seal, what has been and is hoped will continue to be, a very constructive collaboration into the future. 
The MOU was signed by HIA National President Simon Norris, JIBH Chairman Ryu Yano, JIBH Deputy Chairman Hirofumi Hama and HIA Managing Director Graham Wolfe. Government officials from Australia and Japan also attended the MOU signing ceremony in Sydney which was followed by a reception at the Four Seasons Hotel.

HIA has enjoyed a strong collaboration with international bodies

in the residential construction sector for many years


Earlier this year the MOU was drafted and discussed in detail at a JIBH – HIA meeting held at the Australian Embassy in Tokyo. This was attended by the Australian Ambassador to Japan, Richard Court, who gave great support to the collaboration between the associations.

While not commercial in any way, the MOU strengthens the strong bonds that have developed between HIA and JIBH over recent years and creates the opportunity for the sharing of expertise, knowledge and ideas to meet the challenges of the future. 

These challenges include an ageing population, demand for medium-density housing, energy efficiency, new skills development, technology integration and prefabrication in our respective construction industries. Japan and Australia share these challenges with the only difference often being the time frame in which they need to be met.

We look forward to a long and fulfilling partnership between HIA and JIBH. 

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