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If you’ve ever had equipment stolen or a contractual dispute, you know the value of good insurance. Getting the right cover is key, and that’s where HIAIS can help.

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HIA Insurance Services (HIAIS) was born more than 35 years ago from one powerful insight – builders and tradies need protection that’s custom built for them…protection that goes beyond hard hats and goggles. As a joint venture between the Housing Industry Association and Aon, a global risk and insurance broker, not only do we have a strong understanding of the building industry and the unique risks you face, but we’re able to apply that knowledge in designing coverage for your industry. 

So why choose HIAIS? 

  • We can identify the right cover 

No one knows the building industry like we do. We’ve thoroughly assessed the needs of builders, and designed coverage using building blocks that the industry has told us are important. For example, after realising the extent of financial suffering builders go through if they experience contractual disputes with customers and/or suppliers, we designed Construction Legal Expenses Insurance. This is unique coverage that gives builders access to legal advice, and covers costs and attendance expenses which arise as a result of such disputes.

  • We negotiate on your behalf 

As a broker, HIAIS has access to a panel of quality insurers, who have been screened to ensure they offer appropriate coverage and the best value for the construction industry. The coverage and deal you get through a broker is often also impacted by your broker’s relationship with these insurers – and we’re proud to say that in the years we’ve been operating, we’ve cemented solid relationships with our insurers, and aren’t afraid to negotiate on your behalf to ensure you’re getting the best outcome overall. 

  • We help you manage your claim

Insurance goes well beyond simply paying a premium – you often see the true value of it only when something happens. For this reason, if you do have an incident which you need to claim for, you’ll want to make sure you’re accurately portraying the incident and managing all the paperwork without any cracks so you’re getting the most out of your cover. 

HIAIS can also help you to manage your claim if you experience an insured event. This not only means managing or helping you with all the paperwork to submit your claim, but may also include lobbying and challenging insurers if we believe a denied claim should in fact be covered. Again, this is possible because we have both a detailed understanding of insurance coverage and the exclusions that apply, but also a healthy relationship with insurers. 

  • Accessing Premium Funding 

As a builder or tradie, cash flow may be a concern which can make paying your insurance premium very difficult. If you require payment plans to help with funding your premiums, HIAIS can also help arrange access to this. If there are additional fees and charges associated with doing this, we will also explain this to you up front.   

Broking made easy

HIAIS does the hard yards so you don’t have to. As a brokering service, we   leverage our knowledge, experience and relationships with insurers to provide you a seamless service.  We’ve scanned the insurance market, and negotiated with insurers to design ready-to-buy policies tailored to the construction industry. We’ve already shopped around for you, so getting a quote for, or purchasing, insurance is as easy as visiting www.hiainsuranceservices.com.au or talking to one of our dedicated brokers by calling 1800 762 872.

Disclaimer: this is sponsored content for HIA Insurance Services (HIAIS). For terms and conditions, and the product disclosure statement, please contact HIAIS. 

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