Wet-seal Enviro-coat

Soap holders can prevent leaks

Customers may want extra shower shelving – but they don’t want extra water leaking under their shower tiles.

Correct installation of shower screens on hob/nib walls is crucial to ensuring bathrooms remain waterproof. The correct installation of a shower screen on a hob/nib wall is for the shower screen to be installed so it is flush with the shower side of the hob. This conforms to the National Construction Code (NCC) 2016 and AS 3740 2010 Amdt 2012 requirements. If the screen is installed on the outer edge of the hob/nib wall it is likely to be a cause for failure, yet this often happens.

Recently one of our franchisees was called back to investigate a reported leak – see images at right. The job had been waterproofed with Wet-seal Enviro-coat waterproofing membrane 18 months previously. The waterproofing membrane was still intact, as the moisture was fully contained within the shower and bathroom area. However, as the images show, the shower screen had been installed on the external edge of the hob/nib wall without the relevant fall to the shower cubicle. This allows water to penetrate the top tiled surface and escape. It is common that water causes a failure in the mitred grout joints. In extreme cases this causes the tile glue to delaminate from the membrane causing cracked tiles.

Wet-seal Enviro-coat
Just install a soapbox into the shower wall at the time of construction
Wet-seal Enviro-coat
It is common that water causes a failure in the mitred grout joints

So why do we see this issue as a recurring cause for call-backs? The builder in this case echoed the sentiments often heard for installing showers screens on the external edge of the hob/nib wall. ‘The client wants the ledge for storing shampoos and soap.’ Builders believe they are doing the right thing by clients in asking them where they want to store their shampoo, but they are opening themselves up for issues further down the track.

So how can builders keep their clients happy and still make sure they install shower screens according to the National Construction Code (NCC) requirements? Actually, it’s easy and inexpensive. Just install a soapbox into the shower wall at the time of construction. Wet-seal franchisees are the experts at waterproofing soap boxes. This gives the client space inside the shower to store items, it also gives them a ledge outside the shower to store more items and satisfies the NCC requirements. Most importantly it eliminates the call-backs caused by incorrect shower screen installation.

For any other technical queries Wet-seal’s highly experienced technical expert Robert Rath is available to advise. Robert can be contacted on 0413 008 303 or via email rrath@wet-seal.ws

Alternatively, please speak with your local franchisee directly. Contact them via www.wet-seal.com.au/find-a-franchise

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