Lasting impressions

Cleverly integrating colour and textiles to a classic black and white base is a sure-fire way to make a project stand out from the crowd.

Photo courtesy: Interior Architect: Alana Cooke | Photographer: Tom Ross


Kate Veteri

Homes are like people, some leave a lasting impression while others blend into the crowd. From old to new, homes are likely to feature the ever-popular shades of black and white, but to make them stand out add in a splash of colour and striking finishes. This will help to keep your projects looking fresh and ahead of the rest.


A modern kitchen is humble in its colour choices, often with a white bench and tiles, and black cupboards. Another familiar sight in the kitchen is a marble benchtop, this means that stepping outside the box is important in a competitive market. Add coloured shelving or a floating dining table to create an eye-catching and functional statement piece. 

(Left: Interior Architect: Alana Cooke | Photographer: Tom Ross)


wine Photo courtesy Zannui
black Photo courtesy Habitat
living room



White walls provide a living room with a blank canvas for creativity and design. An accent wall of any kind is an exciting way to personalise a room but wall art can add a bit more flair with the benefit of accommodating various tastes with different designs and textures. Depending on your wall art it might just bring harmony to the fashionable wooden flooring.


(Right: Photo courtesy Nood)

lamp shade Photo courtesy Habitat
side table Photo courtesy Habitat



Bathrooms that are designed around the minimalist styling trend and a neutral colour scheme naturally evoke relaxation and luxury. To not overwhelm the senses with a busy space or large colour selections use mosaic tiles as a stand-out feature, and finishes in brown or copper orange – making each bathroom its own slice of tranquillity. 


(Left: Photo courtesy Bisazza – Endimione, Bisazza glass mosaic pattern. Design by Carlo Dal Bianco)

gold tap Photo courtesy Sussex Tap
gold basin Photo courtesy Merwe 
wall paper

go for green


Don’t forget a glimpse of the outdoors or the use of indoor plants will also add soul to a monochromatic room. So where you can, add greenery or design your space so that you can capture a view to the outside world. 

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