Diamonds in the rough

While Phoenix Tapware is known for timeless design and robust construction, it is its specifically designed Builders Collection that provides cost saving and pre-selection installation solutions.

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Liz Barrett

Phoenix Tapware is known for its timeless, understated design and robust construction. However, their specifically designed Builders Collection combines these attributes with real cost-saving and pre-selection installation solutions.

It has been said that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses – from the functionality to the features, the little details make all the difference. But for many on the tools, making clients' design dreams come true is dampened by tight budgets and timeframes, creating added pressure and delays - especially when it comes to bulk builds.

With those complications in mind, Phoenix Tapware has designed a range specifically to take the “hard” out of these hard-working spaces with its Builders Collection. The carefully selected product range is not just about getting the style and price right for clients, but has tackled the practical problem of installation head-on.


Agile adaptability

For anyone in the building trade, time is money, and waiting for the consumer to choose their finishes can be a major obstacle to completing the job to schedule. 

To combat this issue, each Builders Collection product comes with a universal body that can be purchased in the build's early stage. The rough-in body can then be installed, allowing you to co-ordinate your trades in the meantime. The result is that the project can be partially completed with the tapware easily fitted later in the final stage.

The idea is simple, but what about the process? Firstly, the body kit is selected and installed during the rough-in phase of the wall construction. Next the trades can get to work plastering and tiling the space. Lastly, at the finishing stage, the trim kits can be put to use. Conveniently, the trim kits include easy-to-follow instructions, so anyone on the build can complete the finish from the experienced to rookie team members.

All the Builders Collection products can be used in all aspects of your kitchen and bathroom projects, as the rough-in and trim kits are sold separately for shower/wall mixers, shower/bath diverter mixer and wall mixers.

The Builders Collection really shows its versatility and practicality on large or multi-property projects. Bodies and kits can be bought in bulk from the outset, and installed well ahead of selection.  This not only helps you manage cash flow, but minimises the risk of misplacing, damaging or scratching the trim kit during construction.


Ample inspiration

In the marketplace, Phoenix Tapware is synonymous with quality and innovative design, from award-winning products to outstanding customer service. The Builders Collection is no exception.

At the selection stage, there is plenty of inspiration available to you and the owners, with the collection suitable for use with Phoenix Tapware's Arlo, Ivy MKII, Pina or Teva products. The curated Builders Collection is also available in a variety of flexible colours, such as classic chrome, brushed nickel and the popular matte black. 

Furthermore, the majority of Phoenix products are sold with a 7-year warranty or lifetime warranty, and a large range of our products hold a 6 Star WELS (water efficiency) rating.

'At Phoenix we don’t follow trends or fads; our design team is constantly pushing the boundaries to create better products that benefit our consumers. Enduring craftsmanship and functionality fused with refined aesthetics is our signature style. We wanted that to extend to this collection - making our products accessible and easy for builders and consumers alike,' says Chantelle Malone, Marketing Manager, Phoenix Tapware.


For more information about Phoenix Tapware and Builders Collection – contact or visit


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