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A golden location

Lay back and admire the collision of Australia’s natural phenomena and man-made creations in the heart of the beloved Gold Coast.


Kate Veteri

Destination: Gold Coast

Once a land of timbered mountain escapes and flowing wetlands, the stretch of the Gold Coast and Hinterlands, rising from the border of NSW to the heights of the Albert River, has been converted into one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in Australia.

Today the Gold Coast is marbled with high-rise accommodation along the coastal roads overlooking the picturesque beauty of its famous beachfronts. But there is more to the Gold Coast than fun parks and cocktails, so why not start your adventure at the top of the town. 
gold coast Photo courtesy Tourism Queensland
The epic Q1 building, designed after the Olympic flame, is home to Australia’s tallest residential tower, known for its premium holiday apartments, restaurants and day spa. What might be less known is that the building encourages day visits. Guests can traverse the building – taking in the blended views of nature and man-made artistry. 

The walk begins on level 77 and winds along concrete and steel to stand 270 metres in the air. At the highest point of the tower, take a moment to catch your breath and simply bask in the 360° view of the beaches and Hinterlands, considered by some as one of the best photo opportunities in Australia. 
gold coast
The epic Q1 building
Now you’ve seen what lies beyond the city from sky heights, why not experience what nature has to offer in person. Less than one hour outside of the Gold Coast, beneath a majestic waterfall is a formation known as the ‘Natural Bridge’. Located in Springbrook National Park, in the Gondwana Rainforests, is the natural forming arch and secret basalt cave. This bridge erupted into existence when the force of the waterfall concaved the rock below. As you walk through the cave you can stand beneath the bridge and watch the waterfall pour down like a cascading shower nearby. This natural phenomenon is even more alluring at night when illuminated by glow worms and fireflies. This cave of wonder is a must for nature lovers.

If you would prefer to swing through the trees like Tarzan, the Tamborine Mountains offers visitors one of Australia’s largest treetop adventure parks. The TreeTop Challenge offers more than 120 tree top activities from easy to extreme, zip-lining through nine acres of bushland and rainforest. Fly through the trees, balance on suspended bridges and challenge your fears while taking in the beauty of the lush green surroundings. 
gold coast
Springbrook national park: natural bridge
gold coast
Tamborine National Park
Photo courtesy Tourism & Events Queensland

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The excitement of experiencing the Gold Coast from heights isn’t just limited to dramatic lookouts with breathtaking views. Travellers who like to live on the more dangerous side of life should take a trip to the famous Warner Bros. Movie World. Offering thrill-filled experiences, Movie World has an array of DC superhero- and Looney Tunes character-themed rollercoasters. 

The Superman roller-coaster doesn’t allow those brave enough to ride it time to admire the park in all its glory. Travelling at 100km/h, the DC Rivals HyperCoaster creates excitement for adrenaline-junkies as it climbs, descends and loops backwards. For younger kids there’s the Looney Tunes Splash Zone, the Road Runner Roller-Coaster or the star-studded street parade where they can meet cartoons and heroes from Bugs Bunny to Batman. 
gold coast
Warner Bros. Movie World
gold coast Photo courtesy Tourism & Events Queensland
Keep the enthusiasm going for an adventure that can only be described as ‘different’ by visiting the Gold Coast Wax Museum. Here you will find sculptures of 110 people who have left a mark on the history books, from celebrities to the royal family. The museum also has wax dioramas of Australian history and famous nursery rhymes for those who are a bit star-struck coming face-to-face with Captain Jack Sparrow and Ghandi in the same room. 

Indeed, the Gold Coast has grown beyond the rolling mountains and uninhabited beaches and into a booming metropolis, but there are many reasons why Australia’s sixth largest city offers so much as a travel destination. Lovers of nature can dwell in harmony, while those who prefer a fast-paced, modern experience can get their adrenaline fix. The Gold Coast, a holiday destination full of diversity, being acclaimed as a place of versatility and awe. 

Fun for all

The Gold Coast isn’t just for family fun. It’s also the perfect location to have a laugh with co-workers outside the office or off the construction site. In 2021, HIA will be taking its annual National Conference to the shores of the sunshine state. So book tickets for yourself, your family and your team, and come along for three days of fun, learning and celebration.

When: 29-31 July 2021

Where: Gold Coast, Australia


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