Master of manufacturing

The 2018 Sir Phillip Lynch award goes to a manufacturer who has long supported training, employment, efficiency and safety across the brickmaking sector.

‘I was surprised and overwhelmed to receive the award actually,’ says Lindsay Partridge, AM. ‘It is generally an award that goes to builders, so it is particularly humbling to receive it as a supplier to the industry.'

Ceramic engineer Lindsay Partridge has worked in all facets of the clay building product industry. He joined Austral Bricks in 1985 and became Managing Director in 2000. Brickworks now comprises six companies and is one of Australia’s largest building-product manufacturers.

Brickworks supplies the housing market in all states in Australia and has a long history with HIA. Lindsay himself has contributed to HIA throughout his 40-year career in the building industry. He has been on the National Manufacturers Council since 2001 and encourages Brickworks staff to participate on HIA committees.

‘Speaking as a supplier it has been a great opportunity to meet industry participants, and it can bring a lot of value, as does serving on standards committees or boards. One of my senior staff Cathy Inglis is on the board,’ he says proudly.

Lindsay is a recipient of the Order of Australia medal for service to the building and construction industry in training and career development, and to the community with charity initiatives.

He is a force behind training, setting up the Austral Bricks Bricklayer Training School back in the ’90s

Lindsay Partridge

The Sir Phillip Lynch award

Named in memory of the former federal government minister and supporter of HIA, this award is presented annually for outstanding service to the housing industry.

Sir Phillip was a vocal supporter of the home building industry and a passionate advocate of home ownership for all Australians. In acknowledgement of his contribution, HIA inaugurated the Sir Phillip Lynch award in 1981 as the Association’s highest honour.

Winning the HIA Sir Phillip Lynch award was a real highlight. ‘I flew to Singapore from Chicago to accept the award [at the HIA National Conference], so I was a bit jet-lagged, but it was a lovely night,’ he says.

‘I congratulate HIA on having the conference overseas – it is a great experience for builders, exploring the housing of other countries. They should look at going overseas every few years.’

Lindsay is always thinking about what is good for builders, bricklayers and the industry, and seeks out new ways to support those in building and construction. He is a force behind training, setting up the Austral Bricks Bricklayer Training School back in the ’90s, as well as other initiatives to support and grow apprentice numbers.

In 2005 the Australian Brick & Blocklaying Training Foundation Ltd (ABBTF) was established as a national body to continue apprentice training. Lindsay was founding chairman and continues as a director today.

He heartily recommends HIA membership to those in the housing industry.

‘I have personally been a member since the early ’80s and my company is a long-term member.

‘Keep up the good work – HIA is such a breath of fresh air!’ he says.

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