Earthy elements

Matteo Brioni has released the latest variation of its TerraFrame project, Fuga flooring.

Matteo Brioni has released the latest variation of its TerraFrame project, Fuga flooring, designed by Studio Irvine. Known as TerraPlus, this new tile design features a geometric element with a cross in natural copper called Fuga.

TerraPlus is a mixture of raw earth with added mineral binders and polymer resin. The combination of rigid elements and raw materials allows for greater abrasion- and water resistance ensuring the flooring does not lose its permeability.

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Ready, set, go

Australian walling system manufacturer AFS Systems recently announced that its Rediwall® system has achieved CodeMark certification.

Create a splash

Stegbar has launched the Stegbar Create Splashbacks Series, developed in collaboration with interior designer Marylou Cafaro.

Grandiose grates

When building or renovating, luxurious finishes and a creative use of colour are not just limited to tiles and tap fittings.

The ghost in the shell

How a ground-breaking innovation can provide the ultimate protection against termites for Australian builders.

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Into the vortex

Vortex Spas has released the IKON outdoor spa bath to the Australian market offering a unique architectural design that moves away from the standard plastic square box.

Ideal functions

BEAMS does two major software updates each year and the latest release now includes new functionalities, such as invoice scanning and quote registration.

Spider styling

Creativemary has recently released its newest lighting range in the Nature Collection – Black Window.

On Trend

HOUSING's top pick of innovative building products for July 2020.

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What lies beneath

Artinox has released the Ghost series, a sink collection that features a sliding stainless steel cover to conceal the sink and maximise bench space.

Coffee’s dark side could lead to building boon

A new project from RMIT University could see the waste from coffee turned into concrete used in homes, driveways or office buildings.

Window power

Australian researchers have created semi-transparent solar cells that will allow windows to generate electricity while still maintaining the current window glazing levels and benefits.

The alfresco life

A passion for sustainability led award-winning cabinetmaker Dan Bruce, and wife Carrie, to launch an eco-friendly alfresco kitchen solution that is now available in trade packages Australia-wide.

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Integrated intelligence

The booming market of home automation is largely being driven by consumers’ desires for simplicity, convenience and personalised technological experiences. HOUSING talks to integrated automation expert Mark West from HomeSYS about how understanding the technology your clients are asking for can put you in the forefront of this emerging global trend in home building.

Clean cooking

BORA has released its latest award-winning cooktop extractor, the BORA Pure.

Get on deck

The brainwave of carpenter Pete Haas, Decktec is an innovative decking system and joist protector in one that gets your decks down straight – and fast.

Sliding doors

Alspec’s SC95TT thermally broken sliding door system from AluK® is a superior, 
high-performing sliding solution with great aes-thetics and design appeal.

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