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When building a kitchen or bathroom there are many aspects that need consideration but that doesn’t have to drain your time and bank balance.

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Kate Veteri

Creating the ultimate kitchen or bathroom fit-out comes down to a selection of key points: practicality of the layout, finishes, customisation, cost and time restraints. Both you and your clients want to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck and there are a few different paths you can take to achieve this. 

Close to home

When selecting products the first place you should look is manufacturers close to home. Australian manufacturing and local materials have many benefits for builders and homeowners alike. 

International shipping is still feeling the impacts of the pandemic with less certainty to uphold promises of fast delivery. This runs the risk of projects falling behind while buying products within Australia limits this risk. 

Cabinetry supplier, Kaboodle Kitchen, provides convenient and versatile joinery solutions for various interior fit-out needs, with a local manufacturing facility allowing for efficient lead times. 

‘We are passionate about innovation, product development and investing in technology that will allow us to grow our manufacturing capabilities in Australia, supporting our local community,’ says Dane Thompson, Business Manager, Kaboodle Trade Division. ‘Our state-of-the-art, purpose-built facility in Melbourne allows us to manufacture selected products to specific requirements.’

Ordering products close to home also ensures that you know products are made to Australian regulations and workers’ rights are upheld. Australian drainage inventors, manufacturer and supplier Stormtech, manufactures high-quality products with locally made materials. ‘We use marine-grade 316 stainless steel for drains and grates, which is durable and long-lasting, and virgin uPVC for the modular kits,’ says Tony Creighton, Managing Director at Stormtech.  

In addition to manufacturing products that adhere to regulations, the company also ensures that workers are treated fairly, aligning to Australia’s advanced regulatory environment, giving you and your client peace-of-mind. 

Photo courtesy Phoenix Tapware
Photo courtesy Kaboodle Kitchen
Photo courtesy Stormtech
Photo courtesy Phoenix Tapware

Built to suit

There are a variety of ways that you can make a kitchen or bathroom unique but they all come down to customisation. People automatically associate customisation with being expensive with long wait times for production, but this isn’t always the case. 

At Phoenix Tapware, it’s innovative Builders Collection is designed to keep a project moving while still allowing for customised finishes. 

The collection is broken down into two steps: the rough-in kit and trim kit. The rough-in kit provides builders with mixer sets for three zones of the bathroom (shower/wall mixer, shower/bath diverter mixer, and wall mixer set) that can be installed when you are ready. This means plasterers and tilers can get on with their work while the clients make their final tapware selection for the trim kit.

Ordering the trim kits later in the project helps minimise the risk of misplacing, damaging or scratching the trim kit during construction. The rough-in kits are compatible with Arlo, Ivy MKII, Pina and Teva products from Phoenix Tapware.

Kaboodle offers a modular kitchen system with a similar philosophy. ‘Ensuring convenience and speed, fast turnaround solutions are available through our modular offering but our cut-to-measure offer is perfect for creating a customised designer look without compromise, making the most of storage space, and creating large multi-purpose panels to reduce the number of joins in kitchen fit-outs,’ Dane says. 

For all joinery requirements, you can use modular products or further personalise the space with customised solutions to suit various interior fit-out needs. 

However, if bathroom customisation is what you’re after then Stormtech drains achieve specific requirements of each project. From wedge wire, horizontal and vertical lines to tessellating hexagonal patterns and tile inserts, the drains become almost entirely camouflaged against the floor. This makes the product blend seamlessly with the space in more ways than one.

Photo courtesy Phoenix Tapware
Photo courtesy Kaboodle Kitchen

Helping professionals 

Working in the residential building industry can be fast-paced and stressful. When things become intense, it’s comforting to know manufacturers have your back. 

Stormtech protects builders from costly building defects with products that adhere to Australian regulations. ‘The virgin uPVC and stainless steel we use is certified by WaterMark, Global Green Tag and the Vinyl Council of Australia,’ Tony explains. 

Phoenix upholds similar regulatory requirements with the production of its products while also maintaining a six-star WELS rating for most products. Where Phoenix Tapware stands out with the new Builders Collection is the ability to bulk order from the outset. This is designed to help manage cash flow and keep multi-property projects consistent in design.

Before purchasing a product you may be looking for advice from the manufacturer for the most versatile solution for your interior fit-out. Kaboodle Kitchen offers a specialised service through its Trade Division dedicated to helping our industry professionals in selecting the best product options for your project. 

Ticking these boxes will help make your kitchens and bathrooms stand out from the crowd while guiding you throughout the building process.


This article was compiled with contributions from Kaboodle Kitchen, Phoenix Tapware and Stormtech. 

Photo courtesy Stormtech
Photo courtesy Kaboodle Kitchen

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