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HOUSING's top pick of innovative building products for March 2021.

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Pushing the boundaries

Leading manufacturer of aluminium building products and finishes DECO Australia has opened its brand-new display centre. The DECO Innovation Centre is an informative and interactive space for builders and homeowners alike. It allows visitors to immerse themselves in creative designs that all feature DECO’s wide range of Australian-made and fire-safe building products and finishes, including its renowned DecoWood® timber-look finish.

Explore the DECO Innovation Centre or download the online product catalogue for the full range of architectural building products and surface finishes.

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Shining crystal

The Topaz pendant lamps collection by Copper Industrial Design pays homage to the exquisite geometric chaos of nature’s mineral crystallisations. These direct and atmospheric pendant lights can be hung solely or in groups, and are customisable in shape and size.

The asymmetrical design of the lamp shade makes it appear distinctive in form when positioned at various angles of rotation.

Various finishes are available for both the interior and exterior of the shade, while fluorescent and LED globes are advisable since the brass interior creates warm amber light reflectance.


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Going the extra mile 

BORA, a manufacturer of innovative cooktop extractors, recently launched BORA Professional 3.0 and the BORA X Pure range.

BORA Professional 3.0 is a modular system featuring a removable stainless-steel extractor ring, black glass control knobs and a sensitive touch-operated surface with a high-definition, white LED display. The BORA X Pure differs in design style with an air inlet nozzle that is slightly recessed in the centre of the cooktop and can be twisted to create various looks. 

The cooktop extractors both use the BORA eSwap system that allows for the filters to be changed swiftly and easily from the top through the air inlet opening.

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Sliding doors 

The latest raumplus development elegantly combines interior design with entertainment in the creation of the all-in-one sliding door and media centre. A flat-screen monitor incorporated into the door panel allows the closet door and room divider to be used as a television or computer monitor. High-performance, compact Bluetooth speakers take the place of a stereo system, while the flat-screen television blends into media units when not in use.

The 55-inch monitor is installed through the rear of the door panel where the cables are concealed. The panels come in a vast array of colours and materials, allowing it to be coordinated with the room’s interior design.

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One small step 

Stepping into 2021 just got easier with Blum’s latest cabinet addition, the SPACE STEP. Designed to be integrated into kickboards, the SPACE STEP glides open to be used as a step (maximum load 150kg), enabling the user to reach higher cabinets safely instead of relying on other alternatives, such as household chairs or stools. 

The top of the step can be pushed back into the cabinet to reveal a pull-out underneath for added storage space that conventionally would have remained unusable.

The SPACE STEP can be paired with other select Blum systems. 

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Face lift 

Ceramiche Piemme has released an innovative collection of porcelain stoneware tiles named Evoluta. The collection is created using digital software to produce a diverse series of 3D patterns and ripples on the surface of the tiles rather than traditional pressing which can often be repetitive. The first application is then synchronised with a second digital application of glazes that are designed to achieve the desired graphic effect.

The Evoluta collection is available in five colours (Modern, Beyond, Global, Advanced and Cosmopolitan) and three surface options (Natural, Honed and Anti-Slip). 

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Comfort of cork 

Nesite’s new collection of raised cork flooring offers a natural and sustainable flooring option that is 100 per cent recyclable. 

This customisable range improves both acoustic and thermal performance. It can absorb sound effectively, providing improved sound proofing by more than 50 per cent, while the 4–5mm thickness ensures effective insulation properties. 

Nesite’s cork flooring is an allergy-friendly solution with an anti-static surface that reduces the amount of dust accumulated. Easy to clean, the surface is also water-resistant and 

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Click clack 

Australian-made mobile system, Clikclax, is the fun and adaptable solution to physical distancing in office spaces. The clever instant spacing system consists of a series of interlocking perspex sheets of varying shapes and sizes, plus six bases that all combine to create an easily assembled kit.

Customisable and flexible, Clikclax can be adapted to fit a range of applications and settings, and is light enough to be easily transportable.

Clikclax kits are available to purchase online and come in a wide range of colours. A portion of the money made from sales is donated to various Australian charities.

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Zipping into action  

Zip Water has launched the Touch-Free Wave tap, a contactless solution to aid employers in keeping work environments COVID-19-safe. According to a global survey conducted by market researchers Qualtrics, 74 per cent of people working remotely during isolation want employers to focus on taking action to improve hygiene levels in workplaces before returning to the office. 

The tap has other safety features imbedded into the design, such as the twin sensor activation command that ensures boiling water is only dispensed once two of the four sensors are engaged.

This latest addition to the HydroTap range delivers instant boiling, chilled and sparkling water with the wave of a hand.

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Evolving timber 

EVOVETM has reimagined timber surfaces with omni-directional timber wall panels, which can be configured in a number of patterns. The panels are connected to the wall using a specialised mounting board that allows for the panels to be easily detached, reconfigured, and reattached – making for a quick and easy renovation.

Crafted in Australia, a high percentage of the timber used in the panels is sourced from recycled offcuts. 

The panels are available in American Oak and American Walnut, and a range of custom finishes and alternate timbers can be considered upon request. 

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Milu Odourless by Australian company Expella is an exclusive range of toilets that eliminate bathroom odours at the source. It features an in-built ventilation system that quietly extracts odours from the toilet bowl. It then discharges them directly into the sewer before they can be released into the bathroom, with the use of the company’s non-return valve. The result is an odour-free environment that increases comfort and wellbeing in the home, and reduces the need for harmful aerosols.

Milu Odourless toilets are available in a range of contemporary designs for back-to-wall and in-wall configurations.

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Mounted marble 

The Marble Heated Towel Rail collection by Hawthorn Hill is a luxurious bathroom accessory. Providing an unrivalled element of residential detailing, these hand-crafted towel rails will warm towels and elevate your bathroom to the next level. 

Made in England and produced specifically with Australian homes in mind, these hand-finished towel rails boast a solid marble outer with an internal heating line running through a steel tube core. The concealed wall mounts guarantee effortless installation. 

Choose from a selection of marble stone partnered with brass wall mounts in a variety of finishes. 


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