New beginnings

The lead up to next year’s federal election will be critical for Australia and for our industry. HIA stands well prepared for the challenges ahead.


Pino Monaco

The saying ‘politics is stranger than fiction’ played out again in late August, when Scott Morrison became Australia’s 30th Prime Minister.

Beyond the intrigue and theatre of the Federal Liberal party’s leadership spill on that cold Canberra Friday after Parliament rose from its winter session, with the flurry of media commentary, analysis and critique that followed, is a nation in desperate need of stability, strong government, policy vision and leadership. That responsibility now rests with Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Continuing the march to a surplus budget, arresting our national debt trajectory, increasing and expanding employment opportunities and retaining population growth levels that reflect our demographic and economic challenges are core issues for the Prime Minister and his Cabinet.

Importantly, Prime Minister Morrison knows the residential building industry and has engaged with HIA for many years. He is well informed about the contribution our industry makes to the Australian economy, to national productivity, employment and to government revenue. He understands the impact of taxation on housing affordability, the necessity for all Australians to have access to an affordable home (owner-occupiers and renters alike), and the impact of changes to negative gearing and capital gains tax on housing supply.

During August, HIA hosted a meeting of the International Housing Association in Canberra. Chaired by HIA’s Chief Executive - Industry Policy, Kristin Brookfield, the two-day meeting drew IHA members from Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Norway, Brazil, South Africa, Taiwan and the USA. The meeting addressed topics and challenges common to IHA member countries, including industry skills and training, housing supply, affordability, infrastructure, population growth and access to finance. The IHA meets twice each year, and will next meet in Las Vegas in February 2019.

Prime Minister Morrison knows the residential building industry and has engaged with HIA for many years

I am delighted to confirm the location for the 2019 HIA National Conference and HIA–CSR Australian Housing Awards, to be held in Perth from 23rd to 25th May. I invite you to pencil the date in your diary.

HIA has been very fortunate to have had Shane Goodwin as its Managing Director for the last nine years. Shane has provided strong leadership to the Association and has made the HIA a respected champion and the voice of the residential building industry in Australia. Our members now enjoy strong representation and services that are essential to doing business. Shane has been a strong and tireless advocate for the interests of our members and has been fearless in defending their rights.

It is a great credit to Shane that he leaves HIA stronger than ever with a positive, resilient culture that underpins our dealings with members, sponsors, partners, staff, governments and consumers. Shane has been appointed to the National Board as a non-executive director where he will work with the other directors to advance the interests of our Association.

On behalf of all our members I thank Shane for his enormous contribution to HIA and housing across Australia. On behalf of the HIA family, I wish him the very best in his retirement.

The National Board is very pleased to welcome Graham Wolfe as our Managing Director. Graham has a wealth of experience in the housing industry, and is well known to our members and staff around Australia. The National Board looks forward to working with Graham as he takes the HIA into the next phase. We wish Graham every success.

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