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Membership types

HIA membership is divided into the following categories.

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Residential builder:  An individual or business who contracts for and supervises the construction or renovation of a building or part thereof.

Developer:  An individual or business who develops land for residential or commercial use.

Manufacturer/supplier:  A manufacturer or supplier of building materials or builders’ equipment; includes wholesale and retail.

Contractor: An individual or business who enters an agreement to provide building or maintenance services e.g. carpenter, plumber, electrician, roof restorer, tiler, painter, excavator, landscaper.

Building consultant:  Building inspector, certifier, draughtsperson or design consultant.

Professional services:  A provider of services to builders or home owners e.g. architect, surveyor, valuer, real estate agent, sales consultant, accountant or solicitor.

Financial institution: A bank, building society, credit union, mortgage bureau or insurance provider.

Educational institution:  School, college, TAFE, university or other education provider.

Government:  Federal or state/territory department; local authority or council.

Student: Full-time TAFE or full-time university student.

Co-owner of an HIA member’s business: A business partner or director of an HIA member’s business.

Employee of an HIA member: Full-time or part-time employee of an HIA member’s business.
Family member of an HIA member:  An HIA member’s spouse, child, parent or sibling.

HIA employee: Full-time or part-time employee of HIA.

HIAIS employee: Full-time or part-time employee of HIA Insurance Services.

Family member of an HIA/HIAIS employee: Someone in the immediate family of an HIA or HIAIS employee including spouse, child, parent or sibling of an HIA member.

Work out your membership fee
Membership fees are based on your business turnover. Please contact HIA on 1300 650 620 to get an estimate of your annual fee.